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Articles by Steve Coerper

Steve Coerper

Steve Coerper

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — A chronological catalog of current events pointing to the fulfillment of Revelation 6:1-8 in the very near future.

Are We a "Christian Nation"? — We are horrified when Muslim soldiers send kids out onto the battlefield to trigger booby traps, but how much noise do we make about the local abortionist down the street?

The Epic Event — There is no command in the book of Hebrews to attend weekly church meetings. The admonition regarding the 'assembling of ourselves together' is a lot more exciting, and a lot more relevant.

How To Prepare For the End of the World — Five steps anybody can take to prepare for the end of the world and the establishment of a righteous one-world government under Jesus Christ.

The Final Fulfillment of Pentecost — It appears extremely likely that the next major war and the rapture of the Church will occur very, very soon. This article explains the scriptures that detail world events from today to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The 'Achilles Heel' of Libertarianism — Our rights are grounded in divine creation. If the Libertarians ever figure this out, their political impact will be irresistable.

Would You Have Signed the Declaration of Independence? — Provide your causes that impel you to a repudiation of 'business as usual' and clearly state your demand that we reinstate and enforce government of law and liberty under the Constitution.

God's Offer of Reprieve — Judgement from God is coming on America. If we repent and submit to His law, perhaps He will relent.

9/11 Redux - the week in review — We should have started repenting seven years ago, but we didn't.  Our turn in the woodshed is once again upon us.

Rich? Or Rich Fool?? — Getting and managing wealth is a means to an end - the establishment of God's covenant with men.

Termites — We aren't essentially good but imperfect.  Rather, we are deceitful and desperately wicked.  No one deserves salvation; no one deserves God's grace.

Why I Left the Contemporary Worship Movement — If we really believed that God is holy, and that His Presence would be among us on Sunday morning, what difference would it make?

Why Does God Permit Evil? — Because we don't understand how profound sin is, we don't realize how desperately we need a Savior.

An Open Letter to Pastors — Where morality in the culture is concerned, it is the Body of Christ that sets the standard.

My Conversation With Diane — A transcript of an online discussion of various biblical topics.

Why the Church Has Left the Building — How should someone who takes the Bible seriously view modern American 'Churchianity'?

Why I No Longer Attend Church — Most of the activities and trappings of modern American Christianity were unheard of by the early church, and the American 'go to church on Sunday' style of Christianity is a failure.

America - From Freedom To Fascism - A Critical Review by Steve Coerper — God does not bless us with freedom so we can do what we want.  God allows us to be free so we can do what we ought, and we are losing our freedom because we don’t deserve to keep it.  The problem is not political; it’s moral.

The Abundant Life — Abundance is not a zero-sum game; there’s enough for everybody. The Redeemer came that we all might have life, and have it more abundantly.

Saying 'Thank You' — Almost everyone who hears this suggestion responds with, “Yes, that’s a good idea. I should do that.” But hardly anyone does.

Mom Stay At Home — Our objectives should be highly-leveraged residual income that can be acquired and enhanced while working from home, and protection from a confiscatory taxation system.

Just One Small Step — Neil Armstrong knew that most of the steps that led to his ultimate success were steps taken by others.

How To Develop Your Self-Esteem — Self-esteem comes from strength, and strength comes from habitually making empowering decisions.

Selenium Therapy —Effective selenium therapy for curing cancer was developed and tested by Dr. Emanuel Revici. 'The Doctor Who Cures Cancer' was written to tell his story and explain his treatment regimen.

No Confidence — This Federal administration has marked itself by every act which may define tyranny and is unfit to govern.

The Me-Shaped Niche — Each of us was designed with a purpose, and that purpose cannot be overlooked when developing a fulfilling career.

The Magic of Magic — We never outgrow our need to be amazed.

More Magical Than Believing — Faith without works is dead. Make a plan, get started, and then refine as you go.

“I Just Lost My Job!” — The mistake many job-seekers make is that they are looking at the wrong problems.

The One Less Traveled By — What sort of person will you be when you finally come to the end of your road?

Self-Employment as a Moral Imperative — Unfortunately, employees can be forced to act contrary to their values. Becoming economically non-dependent preserves integrity.

The Essential Intangible — Because of a lack of leadership, over 90% of the people who start a home-based business do not make any serious money.

Are You Stuck In A Dead-End Job? — Some motivation to make your career an extension of your mission in life.

Mind Chatter — Mind chatter is the stream of excuses your mind creates involuntarily when you are considering some action outside your comfort zone.  Don't let it run your life.

Charles Roman — Here's a real-world example of two men who maximized each other's effectiveness by working together.

To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind — It could be your mind's tendency to create frightening 'what if...?' scenarios that keep you immobilized.

The Challenges of Entrepreneurship — The biggest single reason that entrepreneurs struggle is because they haven’t learned to think like entrepreneurs.

Abundant Life — Abundance is not a zero-sum game; there’s enough for everybody. The Redeemer came that we all might have life, and have it more abundantly.


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