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Absent Allies by Mark Crutcher — In the abortion debate, the GOP and the evangelical pulpits have been strangely silent.  Did you ever wonder why?

Call Me Crazy ... Please! by David Brownlow — We are six years into the administration of a "pro-life" President and his "historic" signings, and almost thirteen years into the great "Republican Revolution," yet we are still murdering 3,800 American children every day.  Doesn't that bother anybody in pro-life leadership just a little bit?

Defending the Defenseless by Paul J. Hill — If you believe abortion is a lethal force, you should oppose the force and do what you have to do to stop it.  You have a responsibility to protect your neighbor's life, and to use force if necessary to do so.

The Libertarian Case Against Abortion by Bill Barnwell — So-called 'reproductive freedom' is a tradeoff where the mother gains special privileges and rights at the expense of her child.  This arrangement is no different from various other left-wing and statist inventions that harm some for the benefit of others.

Supreme Court Opinions Not Private Enough by Ann Coulter — Whatever dangers lurk in a self-governing democracy, the American people have never, ever passed a law that led to the murder of 30 million unborn children.

What Do You Want To See Happen About Abortion? by Charles Wysong — God's first commandments were to be fruitful and multiply, and to replenish the earth and have dominion over it.


Bring Back Honest Money by Ron Paul — Congressman Paul makes a number of excellent points, but this well-intentioned legislation reinforces the myth that our monetary problems cannot be solved without Congressional action.  While it was probably illegal for the Congress to foist the Federal Reserve scheme on us in the first place, the Constitution still precludes the states from participating in it, and the 6th Commandment still precludes the people.

So, Who Was Really Emancipated By Lincoln's Proclamation? by Debbie O'Hara — Every year at about this time, we celebrate the myth that Lincoln freed the slaves, and that the war he waged against the South was primarily toward this end.  Uh huh ...

'They Hate Us Because of Our Freedom' by Alfred A. Hambidge, Jr. — Statements like these perpetuate the myth that we live in a land of freedom.  The sad fact is, we are not free, and haven't been for a long, long time.


America's Basic Problem Is A Pastor Problem by Pastor Chuck Baldwin — Our nation is collapsing from within because pastors are sitting idly on the sidelines, refusing to be trumpets for truth.

Hating Holiness by Paul Proctor — The flesh hates holiness and so do those who have dedicated their lives to making the church more like the world.  Frankly, holiness is hard on the numbers and has a way of annoying the ambitious and offending the obscene.

Jeremiah - God's Offer of Reprieve by Steve Coerper — We can't, as God's people, continue to wallow in our wicked ways and expect that God will reciprocate with national healing.  Fortunately, repentance is still an option.

On The Brink Of Crisis: A Call To Prayer by Dr. Henry T. Blackaby — If God's people will not return to an intense relationship to God on behalf of the nation, the nation doesn't stand a chance of avoiding the judgment of God.

An Open Letter To Christian Conservatives by Pastor Chuck Baldwin — We should expect more of our leaders than lip service.  The one standard that really matters for any elected politician is not his rhetoric, but his loyalty and commitment to America's founding principles.

An Open Letter To Pastors by Steve Coerper — We need to return to holiness.  We need to live like sons and daughters of God.

Repent! by Paul Proctor — Cotton Candy Christianity is a superficial faith that relies on feelings, emotions and human relationships rather than the Word of God and has so diluted the Gospel and deluded the church, in its perverted quest for cultural relevance and global acceptance, that it now bears almost no resemblance to the early church.

Spirit-led or Purpose Driven? by Berit Kjos — Popularity in the world has never been a sign of God's approval.

What About The Sabbath? — The Sabbath was given to us as a gift from our Creator, a gift locked in time, set apart for us.  God's command to keep the Sabbath holy is part of His moral law.

Why I Left the Contemporary Worship Movement by Steve Coerper — When Peter, James and John saw Christ transfigured, and when Isaiah saw the LORD, they didn't think the experience was boring or irrelevant.

Why I No Longer Attend Church by Steve Coerper — The American 'go to church on Sunday' style of Christianity is a failure.

The Year of Our Lord by R.C. Sproul Jr. — We cannot grow the kingdom, expand the borders where Christ reigns, for already He reigns everywhere.  All authority, in heaven and on earth, has been given to Him.


About Weapons of Mass Destruction by Peter E. Hendrickson — The powers sought by the 'Patriot Act' and 'The Real ID Act' are those necessary to the erection and sustenance of a police-state.

America - From Freedom To Fascism - A Critical Review by Steve Coerper — God does not bless us with freedom so we can do what we want.  God allows us to be free so we can do what we ought, and we are losing our freedom because we don?t deserve to keep it.  The problem is not political; it?s moral.

American Governance by Jack Slevkoff — "There are many people who are just plain sick and tired of the 'governmental' controls placed on our every day lives.  At what point do we say 'NO MORE!'?"

Are We Witnessing The Rise Of The Fourth Reich? by Chuck Baldwin — While any nation might survive corrupt politicians, greedy merchants, and sinful citizens, it cannot survive cowardly, compromising churches.

Gangster Government by Edwin Vieira — "You can go a long way in life with a smile, but you can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun."

The Sopranos by Joseph Sobran — Putting someone on the government payroll is nearly as irreversible as castration. So ...


Anxious People and A Sovereign God  by Greg Herrick — We have turned to the idols our hands have made in an attempt to forget God.

In Search of Darkness  by Fred Reed — American culture is now dominated by a class of people who have no class.  Wretched grammar is now a sign of ?authenticity,? whatever that might mean, rather than of defective studies.

The Sorriest Generation  by Chuck Baldwin — This generation doesn't care about out-of-control federal spending, because its personal spending is out-of-control.  It doesn't know how to hold politicians accountable to the Constitution, because it cannot even hold its own children accountable to much of anything.

What Hollywood Believes by Ray Comfort — Hollywood had been under the illusion that America wasn't interested in God.  That's because the town lives in a world of its own.  This audio presentation explores the faith of the famous. 


Troubled With - Immediate Help, Long-term Hope. We take our children to Sunday worship and Sunday School, and they may also attend a church-centered youth program or home Bible study.  But two or three hours on Sunday and 20 minutes or so of Bible study at home are overpowered by 30 or more hours a week in anti-Christian government schools and the constant pagan media bombardment which may add up to another 10, 20, 30, or more hours every week.


Vote Fraud and the Bankruptcy of the United States by Michael Rivero — Are our elections truly fair, or are they simply an illusion?

"You Have To Trust The Machine" by Mary Starrett — "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything." (Attributed to Josef Stalin)


Be Truthful About Vaccines or Keep Away From My Children by Carmen Reid — The new vaccination contains aluminium and formaldehyde, both known neurological toxins, held by some experts as equally responsible for autism.

How to Recognize Gluten Intolerance — Doctors estimate that 1 percent of the population has celiac disease, which is damage to the small intestine caused by a severe allergic reaction to wheat gluten.

Norwegian Fish Medicine Works Miracles on Humans by Ralph Wallace — Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan is a powerful immune enhancing molecule extracted from the cell wall of baker's yeast.  Isolated in 1990 by Dr. Jan Raa of Norway, this supplement may be the most powerful natural immune enhancer in the world.

Senate Bill 1873: Prescription for Tyranny by NWV Staff Writer — The legislation will eliminate both regulatory and legal safeguards applied to vaccines, as well as take away the right of children and adults harmed by vaccines and drugs to present their case in front of a jury in a civil court of law.

Trans-Fat: What Exactly is it, and Why is it so Dangerous? - There is no upper safety limit recommended for the daily intake of trans fat.  The Food and Drug Administration has only said that "intake of trans fats should be as low as possible."

What Is Reishi? — A considerable number of studies have shown that the consumption of this "King of Herbs" is linked to the effective treatment of a vast range of diseases, common ailments, and conditions.

Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines by Dr. James Howenstine — Dr. W. Torch was able to document 12 deaths in infants which appeared within 3? and 19 hours of a DPT immunization. He later reported 11 new cases of SIDS death and one near miss which had occurred within 24 hours of a DPT injection.


Katrina's Geopolitical Legacy  by Chuck Missler — Katrina took out the port of New Orleans - perhaps permanently - by rendering the area uninhabited and potentially uninhabitable.  That means that even if the Mississippi remains navigable, the absence of a port near the mouth of the river makes the Mississippi enormously less useful than it was.

Mao's Great Famine by Michael Sheridan — Such suffering need never have happened. While millions were perishing in the worst-hit provinces of central and southern China, huge grain stocks remained locked up under government control.

Who Was Roger Sherman? — "That," said Thomas Jefferson, "is Mr. Sherman of Connecticut, a man who never said a foolish thing in his life."


Australopithecus Spiffarino Discovered in Charleston County by Harvey Rowe — This compelling evidence of evolution was rejected by the Smithsonian Institute.  Where's the ACLU when you need 'em?

The Case Against Football  by Joseph Sobran — The rest of the world reserves the word football for a sport in which the ball is kicked constantly.  But here, the overwhelming majority of football players never kick the ball in their entire careers!

I Crave Your Distinguished Indulgence (and all your cash) by Douglas Cruickshank — Because the letters have a certain rough-hewn charm and indicate a vivid imagination at work, one likes to think these bad rascals are simply hardworking con artists who've missed their true calling as novelists and have had to take up fiction writing's more lucrative sister vocation:  fraud.


Constitutional Issues of Taxation by Dave Champion — Even government's taxing authority must be exercised in compliance with your state constitution, or if a federal tax, with the US Constitution.

IRS Loses Challenge To Prove Tax Liability   by Bob Unruh — Working is a God-given fundamental right that is protected under the Constitution and can't be taxed any more than exercising freedom of speech."

Under Penalties of Perjury - Catch 22 By Jeff Oosterman — By signing "under penalties of perjury," the signer is claiming to be an officer or employee of the Federal government.  In any subsequent trial, the judge accepts this claim as true.


Juror's Handbook - A Citizen's Guide to Jury Duty — As a member of a jury, you have the power and the duty to judge the law as well as the evidence, and to vote on the verdict according to your conscience, even if the judge instructs you otherwise.


Swear Not by Ralph Schwan — "The rights of the individual are restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the agencies of government."


Five Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License by Matt Trewhella — If a man and a man marry with a State marriage license, and a man and woman marry without a State marriage license - who?s really married?

Let's Begin Again by Ray Boltz — Jesus made a promise:  if two of us agree, the Father up above would hear our prayer.  He is still the healer of hurting families.

Marriage Wars by Paul deParrie — Four well-known Portland-area pastors couldn't even bring themselves to condemn homosexual "civil unions" in their so-called stand for "principle."

The Real Problem by Nancy Missler — When we bury our real feelings, we don't get rid of them, we just program them in deeper, and then they become the motivation for much of our behavior.

The Separation of Marriage and State by David Brownlow — Traditional marriage was doomed when we traded our right to marry for a state-granted privilege.  As grantor of the license, the government is free to change its terms.


All We Like Sheep  by Joseph Sobran — Is America under the sway of an enormous counterfeiting ring? That?s one way to put it.

Secret History of the Credit Card — FRONTLINE and The New York Times join forces to investigate an industry that few Americans understand.

Trashing The Constitution  by Edwin Vieira — How misconstruction of the monetary powers and disabilities subverts the Founding Fathers? intent.

What Should Every American Know About Money?  All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, so much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.


Indivisible  by R.C. Sproul Jr. — The claim of indivisibility in the Pledge of Allegiance is the state's declaration of indestructibility.

An Open Letter To Patriots  by Larry Becraft — Do we hold ourselves out to the American public as being worthy, credible and part of a good cause? To prevail, we must be ready for the long hard fight and we must champion the truth.


Find the Human Moment in Every Transaction by Mark H. McCormack — The internet doesn't change everything.  Some things remain unchanged and they remain the most important things.

How George Müller Started His Day from the autobiography of George Müller — As the outward man is not fit for work for any length of time, except we take food, and as this is one of the first things we do in the morning, so it should be with the inner man.


Day of the Lord vs the Great Tribulation  by John B. Williamson — The Day of the Lord and the Great Tribulation are two separate epochs within Daniel's 70th week.


It's 'Jesus or Barabbas' All Over Again  by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson — Bill Clinton is as phony as they come, but his flaws make immoral blacks feel comfortable.


What Does the Bible Say About Gun Control?  by Larry Pratt — The Old Testament tells us a great deal about the positive relationship between righteousness and self defense. 

Why Blacks Tend To Support Gun Control  by Larry Pratt — Jesse Jackson and leaders like him have led the black community from freedom into dependency on the Democrat Plantation.  Dependence on the state for food and shelter includes depending on the state for protection.


Gates At My Alma Mater  by Michael Robertson — Microsoft has clearly been on a propaganda campaign for the last few years to clean up their image.


Case Studies in Easy-Believism by Thomas Williamson — In order to avoid the error of producing false professions of faith in our ministry, it may be helpful to look at some of the errors that have been promulgated by well-meaning soul-winning evangelists of the past and present.

How To Prepare For the End of the World — Five steps anybody can take to prepare for the end of the world and the establishment of a righteous one-world government under Jesus Christ.

The Justice of Eternal Punishment by Francis M. Riley — Is God unjust in allowing Satan and all who follow him, to scream out their misery in the ?lake of fire? for all eternity?  Is God unjust in rewarding them ?according to their works??

My Conversation With Diane by Steve Coerper — A well-meaning woman has some problems with "pop" theology.  Here are some answers.

None Righteous by R.C. Sproul — In our day we have witnessed the eclipse of the Gospel.  That dark shadow that obscures the light of the Gospel is not limited to Rome or liberal Protestantism;  it looms heavily within the Evangelical community.

Ray Comfort's Monthly Column — Ray is the author of Hell's Best Kept Secret.  Find out why the "Four Spiritual Laws" don't work!

The Reality of Eternal Punishment by Francis M. Riley — A lake of fire in the land of Edom will be the eternal home for Satan and the multitude of souls who are choosing to follow him in wicked rebellion against God.

Why Does God Permit Evil? by Steve Coerper — We don't really understand how serious or how pervasive sin is.  But God allows us to remain, without compromising His holiness.


Rich?  Or Rich Fool?? by Steve Coerper — Why would God allow you to gain great wealth, and then punish you for it?

Why Retire As Young As You Can? by Robert Kiyosaki — The best thing about retiring early and taking a year off in midlife is that it will give you a chance to start life over again.


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