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Just One Small Step

A journey of a thousand miles ENDS with a single step.

Steve Coerper

"That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."- Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969

Most of us are familiar with Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, but you need not fly to the moon to get powerful results from his observation.  Armstrong recognized that his “one small step” was really the last in a long series of steps that had to be completed before he arrived at Tranquillity Base.

He also knew that most of the steps that led to his ultimate success were steps taken by others.

But most importantly, he knew that HE had to take at least one small step every day toward the accomplishment of the mission.  His moon walk in July of 1969 was not an isolated success.  It was the final success in a long succession of daily achievements.

What about you?  Are you taking at least one small step toward your goal every day?

If not  … if you have days where inertia, distraction, procrastination or bad habits completely derail all your good intentions  … you should consider personal coaching.  The achievers in every field have teachers, mentors, coaches.  Coaches show you why you struggle, and can help you get better results by focusing your efforts.

Success is still a team sport.  Ready to take the next step?


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The author is a transition and self esteem coach living in Raleigh, North-Carolina.