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America - From Freedom To Fascism

Steve Coerper

Aaron Russo’s latest movie, America . . .From Freedom To Fascism is a powerful and engaging 95-minute film about the loss of freedom in America.  There is a non-violent solution that will work, and it's not a petition for redress of grievances.

Video - Freedom to Fascism

March 5, 2006

On Saturday, March 04, 2006 I viewed From Freedom To Fascism at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary, North Carolina.  From a technical point of view, it was masterfully done. The purpose of this review is to consider the content of the film, and also Robert Schulz’ comments following the presentation.

Russo wants us to believe that a One-World Government is being orchestrated by the international bankers/Council on Foreign Relations, and that once this new government is in place, national sovereignty and personal freedom will no longer exist.  He exorts us to do whatever we can to resist, while resistance is still possible.  I believe this thesis misses the mark.

What Mr. Russo doesn’t acknowledge is something the Framers knew quite well:  There is already a one-world Government.  It was firmly established almost 2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ announced, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”  This is not an article of faith, true only for the religious folk among us.  Rather, this is an article of FACT, and it’s true for everybody, whether they believe it or not.

The framers believed it.  Franklin, Jefferson and Washington all referred directly to the overarching superintendence of a just God.  The most-referenced resource in the writings of the framers was Blackstone’s commentaries, and his most-referenced resource was the book of Deuteronomy.  The existence of God and His intervention in the affairs of men was generally understood here in America 225 years ago.

Russo sees the current political trends as the machinations of malevolent bankers who are bent on controlling the world.  He doesn’t see them as pretenders to a throne that is already occupied.  Nor does he suggest the possibility that our current distresses are the direct results of our moral rebellion against the One who is sitting on that throne.

The increase in tyrannical oppression that we will certainly experience if we don’t repent is simply the tool of chastisement that God is using to judge us.  Should we, like dumb oxen, continue to kick against the goads?  Or should we rather make peace with the One who is using those goads to punish us?

Because — like it or not — THAT’S the deal.  God allows the wicked to flourish that He might destroy them forever.  But He won’t destroy them as long as it’s in our best interests to suffer under them.  And we will continue to suffer until we repent.

I commend Mr. Russo for his clear and compelling presentation of the unvarnished truth.  This was obviously a labor of love, and he poured himself into the project.

Following the showing of the film, Mr. Robert Schulz took center stage and tried to segue from the film to his cherished issue:  the petitions for redress of grievances that his We The People organization has been promoting for years.  This part of the program was, to me, disappointing.  While it is most certainly true, as Mr. Schulz pointed out, that the American population is more familiar with The Simpsons than they are with the Bill of Rights, it would have been appropriate to point out that American “Christians” are more familiar with The Simpsons than they are with the Ten Commandments.

AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM!  The problem is not “international bankers,” or “international corporations,” or “the Council on Foreign Relations.”  The problem is US:  Christians who practice all the sins that offend God, then expect to remain free.  And contrary to Mr. Schulz' assertion, a Petition For Redress is NOT the solution.  Only national repentance will bring an end to the hostilities.  This MUST begin with God's people who are called by His name.

Folks, the reason we are losing our freedom is because we don’t deserve to keep it.  And until we repent and start living like sons and daughters of God, we will continue to slide down into the abyss.

Mr. Shulz and Mr. Russo both strongly promoted the idea that all power resides in the people, and that government must be with the consent of the governed.  This is just democracy — a lie as old as the whopper Satan told Eve in the garden.  The truth is that all power and all authority reside in Christ, NOT in “the people.”  God does not bless us with freedom so we can do what we want.  God allows us to be free so we can do what we ought.  The problem is not political, it’s theological.  The framers understood that our rights were an endowment from our Creator.

Test this yourself.  What sort of wholesome, Christ-honoring behavior sets Christians apart from the public at large in America?  Do Christians refuse to see some movies that the rest of the public watches?  Do Christians have fewer abortions than non-believers?  Is pornography beneath the standards that the Christian community has set for itself?  Do Christians swear less?  The only discernable difference between American Christians and the population at large is that Christians tend to go to their Sunday morning, seeker-sensitive, church “services.”  And you probably know as well as I that these activities are designed to appeal to “the lost,” NOT to honor God.  The “god” that is presented in many of these meetings is one of love, tolerance and diversity;  a rock-and-roll deity who endorses just about any activity.

Read (or, hopefully, re-read) the Book of Judges.  It’s like a broken record:  the people rebel against God and His law, so God raises up the Moabites to oppress them.  They repent and are delivered.  They relapse into sin, so God raises up Jabin and the Canaanites to oppress them.  They repent and God delivers them.  They return to their evil ways, so God raises up the Midianites to oppress them ... get the picture?

Sound familiar?

Pointing these things out was not Mr. Russo’s purpose.  He solely intended to sound another wake-up call to those slumbering among us.  Pointing out the theological connection is the responsibility of the pastors and evangelists, and it appears they are still asleep at their posts.  Perhaps Mr. Russo's effort will awaken them.

Political tyranny is not pleasant, but effective resistance will take the form of repentance, not rebellion.  I had hoped that Mr. Schulz would see this.  I certainly hope YOU do.


Aaron Russo was an American entertainment businessman, film maker, and political activist.  He passed away on Aug. 24, 2007.

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