Tyrants always use FEAR to gain power.

The Magical Disappearing Crisis

Larken Rose

If we stop being afraid of some particular issue, the tyrants quickly drop it and try something else.

Larken Rose

October 8, 2008 - A main theme of my book, How To Be a Successful Tyrant, is how megalomaniacs love to find an endless list of things to scare us with, and then turn around and promise to save us from those things if we will just give the aspiring tyrants unlimited power.  Such scare tactics work with poverty, war, crime, drugs, and the environment.  In fact, just about anything that can worry people is used by politicians to scare us into surrendering our freedom and giving them power.

Of course, if politicians ever SOLVED any of the problems they like to scare us with, they would lose a piece of their power.  So they never do.  Not only is it impossible to name any problem that "government" has solved, but it's impossible to name any problem that they meddled with that didn't get WORSE.  Drugs, terrorism, poverty, education, the mortgage industry, ad infinitum.  Is that because they're really bad at everything, or because they are TRYING to make perpetual problems, in order to provide an excuse for them to have perpetual power?

And while they sometimes use real problems for their scare tactics, they almost always greatly exaggerate the truth of the matter, and in some cases simply make up a problem that doesn't exist at all.  As long as we're all scared of it, whether it's real or not, they can exploit the situation to increase their power.  If we stop being afraid of some particular issue, the tyrants quickly drop it and try something else.  If you doubt this  --  if you think the politicians are telling the truth, and looking out for our best interests  --  I ask you to consider one simple example (which will probably offend some of you):

Not many years ago, you couldn't turn on the news without seeing a story about AIDS.  It was an unimaginable epidemic; a plague that was going to wipe out the world if we didn't all throw all of our attention (and money) into finding a cure.  The talk about it was constant, from the media and all the politicians.  We were told, day in and day out, that we were ALL one wrong move away from getting AIDS and dying.  If you knew anyone who knew anyone who ever slept with anyone who knew anyone who once met someone who might have had AIDS, YOU WERE GOING TO DIE!!!  Unless, of course, you threw your money at the problem, and let politicians create various programs and studies.  There was an endless stream of heart-breaking stories, of little kids who got it, hemophiliacs who got it, and even celebrities who got it (anyone remember Magic Johnson?).  We were all doomed!
How To Be A Successful Tyrant

Thankfully, in 2001 a cure for AIDS was discovered, and so the crisis was averted, and we stopped hearing about it.

Oh, wait.  No, it wasn't.  A cure was never discovered.

So when is the last time you heard AIDS mentioned on TV?  When was the last telethon, or fund-raiser you saw for AIDS "awareness" or research?  When's the last time you heard someone expressing concern about AIDS in a movie or TV show, or on the radio?  What happened to all the cries that we'd all be dead in ten years?  What happened to the crisis-mongering?  And why the heck is Magic Johnson still alive?

Because it was all a lie, top to bottom, beginning to end.  Yes, there are various immune disorders, and yes, some of them kill people.  But the omnipresent nature of the disease, and the huge likelihood of catching it, were bald-faced lies.  And, as with every lie they tell, once the peoples' terror started to fade a bit, the fear-mongers dropped it and moved on to something else.  The final "cure" for AIDS was 9/11/01, which gave the tyrants a new lie to scare us with:  a huge, intricate global network of Muslim terrorists.  The government NEEDS unlimited power to protect us from them!  Why?  Because these evil-doers are brilliant, they're everywhere, they're well-funded and high-tech.

And over the last seven years, they've murdered thousands of Americans!  Oh, wait.  No they haven't.  They haven't carried out a single terrorist act on American soil for SEVEN YEARS.  Is that because our all-caring government is keeping them in check?  Hardly.  Terrorism is really easy to commit.  That's why desperate people with few resources do it.  If there were even a hundred people bent on murdering Americans, and if they were of even average intelligence, it would have been ridiculously easy to kill hundreds if not thousands of people in this country every year.  So why haven't they?

For the same reason that millions aren't dropping dead from AIDS every year:  because it's all a lie.  And it's not a very good one.  At least when they lied about the Soviet Union, it was possible to imagine that there were a bunch of powerful, ingenious Russians out to get us.  Instead, there were a few power-happy Russian tyrants desperately trying, without success, to keep their own unstable empire from collapsing.  But the way the American politicians and media painted the picture, one day there was an all-knowing, all- powerful evil empire bent on ruling the world, and the next day it was all gone, for no apparent reason.

And now we're all supposed to be scared of cave-dwelling terrorists who haven't so much as stubbed an American's toe in this country for seven years?  Just how gullible are Americans, anyway?  Every time you watch the news, or read a paper, keep in mind, throughout all of recorded history (and no doubt before that), tyrants have always used FEAR to gain power.  And considering how well it works, I doubt they'll be stopping any time soon.

Now let's go be scared about global warming, and give politicians more power.  If we don't, IT WILL KILL US ALL!!

(P.S. I know of one thing that is WORTH being scared of.  It has killed on average a million people a year for the last century, and has injured and/or impoverished billions more.  It's called "government."  The Founders warned us about it, but most of us forgot.)


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