The Final Fulfillment of Pentecost

Steve Coerper

"The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."   Matthewi24:44

Blood Moon over Jerusalem, February 2008
  Blood Moon over Jerusalem - Feb. 2008

It was almost ten years ago that the first version of this article was posted.  It was based on a fairly simple premise:  that when Peter spoke at Pentecost 2000 years ago and quoted Joel (Acts 2:10-20), Peter was also speaking of a Pentecost yet future that would see the fulfillment of all the predictions of Joel's prophecy.  I believed then that the Magog invasion was near at hand, and that the church would be raptured in 2009.

When the date passed, I received some email advising me of that fact, and one I recall suggesting I was delusional.  Ouch!

As I write, Pentecost 2018 has also come and gone.  The current "dates of interest" in the eschatosphere run from June 21 to July 1, for reasons easily explained on many prophecy-centered web sites.  If we're still here after the fall feasts, I would expect another wave of interest in Pentecost, probably beginning next spring.

We know Peter preached from Joel on Pentecost, and it could be that he was speaking to the Jews of the end-times and telling them what would shortly follow a Pentecost observance yet future.  Like much of prophecy, it seems that "looking forward" offers several ways in which a prophecy might be fulfilled, and we only know how it's fulfilled in retrospect.  It should also be noted that "Pentecost season" may be construed to run through the wheat harvest, perhaps to the beginning of the grape harvest (Tu b'Av or so) or perhaps until the beginning of the next Feast season — Trumpets — in the fall.

Today, Israel is a political state existing in unbelief.  Tel Aviv is the "gay capital of the Mediterranean" and the government health care program covers abortion for nearly all woman at any time for any reason.  Here in America, those who self-identify as Jews tend to be far left on the political spectrum, which strongly indicates how they perceive both physical and spiritual reality.  At the same time, the "Magog Alliance" anticipated by prophecy students as being the harbinger of the final seven years, has not yet appeared, though we understand Erdogan in Turkey is working on it.  Clearly, Israel needs her Messiah.

With President Trump's recent diplomatic triumph in North Korea, much of the world is looking expectantly toward a second victory in the Middle East.  "When they are saying 'peace and safety' … " and I'm sure we all know the rest.

From a type/anti-type perspective, Pentecost remains a prime candidate for the rapture.  But it's not the only candidate, and like many of my fellow-travellers, I'd be happy to go home today even if it means being "wrong" on the date of the rapture.

Bottom line:  RE READY!  If you're still not sure what that means, click on this Homework link and do the three simple steps.  I'd suggest taking prompt action, since it is really getting late!


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