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No Confidence

Steve Coerper

"Resistance to tyranny is service to God."   [James Madison]

RMS Titanic

At what point during the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic would the sober-minded among the passengers and crew have properly lost confidence in the White Star Line, in Bruce Ismay, and in Captain E.J. Smith and his crew?

Probably not during the earlier hours of the cruise, even though a near-collision with the steamer New York in the channel at Southampton was deemed to be Smith's fault.

They might have had serious doubts had they known that written warnings of ice were simply pocketed by Captain Smith, and that the men in the radio room did not even bring some of the six ice warnings they received to the attention of either Captain Smith or the officers on the bridge.

What would they have thought had they known that Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee were given lookout duty without binoculars?  What if the passengers had been made aware that large amounts of ice were ahead, and the officers on the bridge still maintained full speed?  Would reasonable people believe they could stop in time or avoid a collision if ice were seen?

Most certainly, the passengers viewed the White Star Line as a professional organization, and the ship's crew as the best in the business.  " 'The Titanic is unsinkable,' they told us.  'She's the safest ship afloat.' "  Cruising through the fresh air and ripple-free water of the North Atlantic, they felt secure, safe, and in the lap of luxury.  Like us, they tended to trust the experts.

Even after the collision, many onboard did not understand the seriousness of their situation.  With the ship less than four hours from the bottom of the ocean, most still felt safe.  1178 people could have been saved had the lifeboats been fully utilized, but only 712 people (including Mr. Ismay) survived.  Still trusting 'the experts' and their ill-founded faith in the safety of the ship, they remained onboard until it was too late.

And we may not do much better.

Who Killed the Constitution?

America has passed its last crossroads.  The 'professionals' who are managing our current situation do not have our best interests at heart.  They are not trustworthy, and deserve neither our confidence nor our support.  This band of pirates is not concerned about our safety or well-being , but is interested in destroying the sovereignty of our country and the dignity of our people for their vision of a 'better world' - a one-world political community with THEM in charge. 

Most significantly, they are in rebellion against God and His Law.  Their pretended authority as civil rulers has become a transparent charade; a plainly evident sham that no longer disguises their treachery.  Their ongoing campaign against honesty, decency, justice, and the Constitution they swore to uphold speaks for itself.

Having said that, I repudiate the "United States Corporation" and all of its bastard offspring, and I call on my fellow sovereign Americans to do likewise.  I have no faith, no allegiance, and no confidence in the Federal government or their pretended 'representative' or 'democratically elected' governments.  As clearly demonstrated, the rigged 'elections' are an orchestrated sham, and all 'serious' candidates are vetted by a secretive, anti-God and statist regime, with obvious collusion by a compliant mainstream media establishment.  I will not willingly submit to their pretended laws except to the extent that those laws are consistent with the Law of God and the Constitution for the united States.  Any other appearance of support or submission, including taxes, fees or any other payment, is the result of extortion and/or coercion.

I also put this so-called "government" on notice that God Himself will hold its leaders, members, supporters and beneficiaries strictly and severely accountable.  No longer can their shills amongst the so-called 'leaders' of the church justify the crimes of this group, or insist on our submission to it, citing Romans 13 and similar passages.  Instead, I maintain as did our Founding Fathers that resistance to tyranny is service to God.

The party is over.  The treachery of our leadership is manifest and our betrayal is complete.  Our ghastly destruction is now clearly visible.  May God help us, and may God promptly judge and severely punish His enemies.

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