I still believe that judgment is in the pipeline ...

9/11 Redux - the week in review

Steve Coerper

I'd call it an eight-month stay of execution.

Steve Coerper

Steve Coerper

A week of years, that is.

It seems fairly clear, in retrospect, that the events of 9-11-2001 defined the Bush II administration.  It's almost hard to remember what it was like to go to an airport and NOT be searched, or to open a newspaper ("a newspaper!  How quaint!") and not read about terrorism.

What was our world like before the Department of Homeland Security?  Does anybody remember?

I have continued to maintain that this wake-up call was part of something much bigger:  God calling America, for the last time, to repentance.  Alas!  It appears that we didn't 'get it.'  For that reason, among others, I find it easy to believe that before this upcoming September 11th  --  the first one of the current mal-administration  --  may very probably be another 'event' and this one will make the first look like the proverbial "Sunday School picnic."

I don't claim any special prophetic powers or anything.  I just do what I'm told:  watch and pray.  I read the Bible and I can sort of see how God operates, though He is not inside any box that I could construct.  But you don't need to do anything except turn off the TV for a week or two and do a little research, and it is very obvious that America is on the skids, and neither of the two major party psychos will, apart from a major miracle, be able to change things.  Indeed, judging from the noises coming from the body politic, you would think people want America to fly off a cliff into oblivion, and the only question is, who should be driving so we have maximum speed at take-off?

Eight years ago, I was working as a technical writer in the nanotechnology industry.  On Sept 11th, I was home with a migraine, so knew nothing of the so-called "terrorist attacks" until much later.  Since then, significant and, to me anyway, compelling evidence has been presented that indicate this was not what the administration claimed.  The official "investigation" was a fraudulent whitewash, the evidence has been mostly destroyed, the opposition has been vilified, and the powers that be continue to insist that all will be well if we just renounce all our Constitutional rights and follow them through the economic crash and into the New World Order.  Oddly, some of us aren't buying it.

It's time for another dose of "terrorism" on our home turf.

We should have started repenting eight years ago.  But ... we didn't.  We still have about 1.37 million abortions per year in the U.S.  That doesn't sound like repentance.

So - my prediction:  There are a few U.S. cities that are standing now that won't be here on October 1.  The belligerence in the middle east, involving the U.S., Iran, Russia, Georgia and Israel (and a few other players) could erupt this month, and when the dust settles, people will be DEMANDING some sort of peace treaty or other arrangement.  That treaty has already been drafted, and it will involve giving more power to a one-world government, less American sovereignty, and the New World Order.  The U.S. economy will be in shambles, and those surviving Americans will trade anything at that point just for food.

The past seven years have allowed the Federal government to find, identify and catalog a lot of dissident voices in the country, and when those folks surface, they will be jailed and probably exterminated.  We will see a cleansing here in American that will more than make up for all the misery that has visited practically every other country.  Our turn in the woodshed is now upon us.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  And if none of this stuff happens, praise the Lord!  But you can't say my prognostication isn't reasonable.

(P.S. - This article was originally published on September 24th, 2008.  I admit that my timing is premature, but still believe that judgment is "in the pipeline."  My only refinement is that I believe that when the disasters start reaching our shores — except for the economic debacle that has already begun — that there will be little doubt in the minds of those surviving that God has a hand in it.)



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