Don't discount God's trustworthiness as you develop your career ...

The Me-Shaped Niche

Find work that completes your joy.

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Steve Coerper

One of the core beliefs that drives our Transition Coaching efforts is that God is fully trustworthy, and that He has created a purpose and a niche for each of us.  And I think most people sense this.  We have heard people say things such as ďI wasnít cut out for salesĒ or something similar.  This reveals a belief shared by virtually all of us that we are not simply amorphous beings who can be conditioned or trained to do anything effectively.  True, we can learn to do a lot of things, and many of them passably well.  But there is a special joy that comes with doing some things in particular.  Those activities give us a sense of significance and completeness.  We sense in our inmost being that we are doing what we were designed to do, and that what we are doing is important to someone besides ourselves.

In our compartmentalized culture, we are impressed with the idea that oneís core beliefs ought to be kept separate from oneís career.  We often hear politicians say things like ďI will not allow my personal convictions to interfere with the performance of my job.Ē  The passions and core beliefs of the aspiring office-holder will not be integrated with the performance of his duties.  In other words, they are offering an administration that will not have integrity.  They will follow someone elseís moral convictions, not their own.

And this, of course, is not at all what we want, either in politics or in our own careers.  There is no virtue to surrendering your core sense of significance just to earn money.  And the fact that we do this is indicated by the number of people who donít really enjoy their jobs and would quit if they could Ö but they canít because they need the money.

In addition, they donít search for a job that will be an expression of their core beliefs because they donít believe that job exists.

We do.

We believe that the One who created each of us, and who manages the universe in which we live, has created a niche for each of us.  There are no accidents; each of us was born when and where we were for a reason.


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The author is a transition and self esteem coach living in Raleigh, North-Carolina.