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Are You Stuck In A Dead-End Job?


Did you ever think, "There's gotta be a better way ..."

Steve Coerper

This is a true story.

Two guys were out fishing on a small lake when some thunderstorms blew into the area.  They were unable to get back to the pier, so they weathered the storm under raincoats and a tarp.  After the storm subsided, as they were returning from their rather terrifying ordeal, they came upon a capsized fishing boat and its former occupant, who was clinging to a gasoline can and treading water.  They hauled an exhausted but grateful man into their boat, returned to shore, and called an ambulance.

The shipwrecked fisherman probably suspected there were rough times ahead when the sky got dark and the rain started falling.  And no doubt he KNEW he was in trouble when the boat capsized.  At that point, all he could do was hold onto the only floatation he could find and tread water until help came.

And that's a real-world picture of lots of folks  -- maybe you?  -- who are just keeping their heads above water but aren't getting any closer to achieving their financial goals.  They are clinging to a "gas can"  -- their jobs  -- but they are just surviving.

It certainly wasn't what the fortunate fisherman had in mind when he left the safety of the dock.

But ... what did YOU have in mind when you embarked on your working career?  You did have a dream, didn't you?  And are you realizing that dream?  Or are you floundering – living paycheck-to-paycheck, clinging to a dead-end job, and hoping that maybe something better will eventually turn up?

The skies are already threatening;  perhaps people you know have already been downsized.

What are you waiting for?

We have the time, the knowledge, the resources and the expertise to help you find and get the job that’s right for you.  We can help you discover that core desire  –  the purpose, the dream  –  so your career is an extension of your mission in life.  You can start making the income made by people who live on purpose instead of just letting life happen to them.

It's your move.


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The author is a transition and self esteem coach living in Raleigh, North-Carolina.