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The Essential Intangible

"Iím trying to do a home-based business, but am not making any money."

Steve Coerper

The sad fact is that over 90% of the people who start a home-based, internet, or network marketing business do not make any serious money.

We are doing something about it.  Would you like to know more?

"Opportunities" abound.  Solid opportunities with great products and tremendous compensation plans.  Folks just like you sign up, commit to the company and the business plan, and start trying to build a business that will allow them to realize their dream of financial freedom.

Three months later, many of them are back on the web looking for another business opportunity.

What happened?

Unrealistic expectations.  The hype on the web site claims that the business practically runs itself.  Just pay your membership fee to get a "top position" in the organization, and in three months you will be debt-free and able to quit your job.  Sorry  -  the world doesn't work that way.

A plan designed for failure.  Your sponsor knows that most of his affiliates will drop out.  He doesn't know how to train, coach, encourage, or hold people accountable, so he can't teach you to do these critical things.  All he knows is that he will probably only keep one person for every 20 he recruits, so he spends his time replacing drop-outs, not helping you succeed.

Failure to persevere.  Some people are actually well on their way toward success, but don't understand the power or potential of the network they've built.  So they walk away, seeing "greener grass" with another opportunity.

No market niche.  There are dozens  -  perhaps hundreds  -  of businesses selling vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.  The products may be excellent but the competition is fierce, and most are "just another pill" without any memorable distinctives.  Customers flit from product to product, some products don't appear to be much different from those offered in regular retail outlets, except that they cost more.

Notice that none of these have anything to do with the quality of the product or the structure of the compensation plan.  Instead, they hinge on one intangible:  LEADERSHIP.  The leadership of the company or product in the marketplace, and the leadership in the upline that converts affiliates into valued and successful members of the team.

If you are a leader or want to become a leader, we can help you reach your financial goals and realize your dreams.

You DO have a dream, don't you?


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The author is a transition and self esteem coach living in Raleigh, North-Carolina.