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Mind Chatter

Steve Coerper

Why and how you talk yourself out of things that are good for you.

Steve Coerper, Transition Coach
Steve Coerper,
Transition Coach

I went to T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar (which I recommend) and had my first exposure to the idea of “mind chatter.”

Mind chatter is the stream of excuses your mind creates involuntarily when you are considering some action outside your comfort zone.  It becomes habitual, like the incessant “why?” of a 4-year-old who isn’t really interested in your response.  You may notice that something like “it’s too risky,” or “I can’t afford it” are your knee-jerk mental responses to practically every proposal you hear.  Often, your mind creates these responses before you have even heard enough information to make a decision.

Eker suggests that your mind is designed to preserve your status quo.  It doesn’t want wealth or comfort or joy – just stability.

Most of us have a dream, but that’s your heart talking, not your mind.  In your heart, “I could become a millionaire …” but then your mind starts up: “It’s too risky.” “Your friends will reject you if you become rich,” or “no one in your family has ever been wealthy,” etc. etc.

How can you “think and grow rich” when your mind is fighting you every inch of the way?  How do you drown out, or muzzle, or re-direct your mind chatter so it doesn’t derail your dream?

Might I suggest coaching?  You are going through a paradigm shift; an overhaul of the way you perceive and relate to the world.  You have been conditioned continuously since you toddled off to kindergarten to see the world and your role in it in ways that you are now trying to replace.

And the main reason so many would-be entrepreneurs struggle is because their friends and their mind are beating them up and wearing them down.  They have a plan, they have a dream, they have a product … and they have a nagging internal voice saying, “you can’t do this.  This will never work.”

Are you considering a coach?  Or has your “mind chatter” already talked you out of it?


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