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What, exactly, does the American flag represent?

Blind Nationalism

Larken Rose

Whatever you WISH it represented, it is now in reality a symbol of tyranny, at home and abroad.

Larken Rose

July 4, 2008 - Today is a day when millions of victims of a tyrannical regime go out and proudly display their blind loyalty to that regime.  The modern celebrations which occur on July 4th make about as much sense as Jews proudly parading around carrying banners of Swastikas.

What, exactly, does the American flag represent?  I don't mean what do you WISH it represented  --  I mean, given how it is used and displayed today, what must it ACTUALLY represent?  Well, the nationalistic "pledge of allegiance" says that the flag stands for a "Republic."  In other words, millions of children (not to mention adults) are trained to swear allegiance to a FLAG and a GOVERNMENT.  Ew.  How revolting.

A lot of people have told me they think I'm a "true patriot."  I know they mean it as a compliment, but I'm not sure why.  What is it that I'm being loyal to?  It sure as heck isn't the government, or a piece of cloth (the flag).  In short, I'm loyal to the idea of FREEDOM  --  that every individual rightfully owns himself, and that any infringement upon that right (e.g., ALL "government") is an evil abomination.

Now, some people like to imagine that that is what the U.S. of A. is about: freedom.  However, I don't see a shred of support for such a claim.  A couple hundred years ago you might have been able to make such an argument, but what about today?  Most of the country continues to vote for one of two clubs of nationalist socialists, though they use the meaningless names "Democratic" and "Republican."  Neither club cares a whit about freedom, inalienable rights, or even the flawed Constitution.

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So in what way can the U.S. be called pro-freedom?  The tyrants in Washington obviously aren't, nor are the sheep who elect them.  In short, if you care about freedom, waving the American flag now makes about as much sense as waving the flag of the Soviet Union.  Whatever you WISH it represented, it is now in reality a symbol of tyranny, at home and abroad.  Do you really think the symbol that flies over all of the giant monuments to power  --  the federal buildings  --  represents liberty anymore?

If you love freedom, as I do, there is no country on earth for you.  Every flag, every nation, stands for your enslavement, in one way or another.  The megalomaniacs have their tentacles just about everywhere.  But what is more sickening than that is how the same people being controlled, taxed, and regulated into economic and psychological ruin will be out in force today, celebrating their purely imagined "freedom."  I, for one, can't stand the sight of it anymore, so don't expect to see me at any parades or celebrations.  Unlike 99.9% of this country, I see no reason to celebrate my own enslavement.

But have a Happy Dependence Day anyway.  "If you're free and you know it, clank your chains!" <clank, clank>...

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