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Hi everybody.
I did not have a dream or a vision this morning, but while I was reading some posts on the internet I had a revelation where the major end times signs all of a sudden made sense.
As I have said before, there are so many end times signs pointing to the rapture of the Church that it is difficult to see the road.  Some of these signs are really major while others are far more subtle.  I consider the signs in the sun, moon, and stars that have been taking place recently to be the most significant.  The problem is that I did not understand what the signs meant.  I have prayed to God on many occasions to ask God what these signs meant.  After all, what good are signs if nobody can figure out what they mean.
Now I think I know what God is telling us.  It is only natural that God's signs would be spectacular.  They would also be visible to everybody in world to see.  Additionally, they would be precise, and they would be rare.  Lastly, God's signs to mankind must be simple and straightforward.
The Bible tells us that Jesus died on the cross around the 9th hour.  That would be 3 PM.  We also know from astronomy that on the day that Jesus died a lunar eclipse began around 3 PM, and this lunar eclipse caused a blood moon.  At sunset this blood moon was seen rising from the horizon over Jerusalem.  On this day, the moon just happened to be at the feet of Virgo, which is very rare for the moon to be there.  Venus, the morning star, was in the belly of Virgo, and Jupiter was (or had just been) in conjunction with Venus.  And finally, the sun was in Virgo.  This is an incredibly rare alignment of the sun, moon, and stars. God painted a picture in the sky on that day.  The picture is described in Revelation 12.  I do not know how rare this alignment is, but I would guess that it has not occurred again, at least until now.
On December 10, 2011, we saw the same alignment occur, except that Saturn was in conjunction with Venus instead of Jupiter.  In mythology, Jupiter was the supreme god while Saturn represented Satan.  The sun was in Virgo, Venus was in the belly of Virgo, Saturn was in conjunction with Venus, and a blood moon was at the feet of Virgo. What's more, the blood moon was visible in Jerusalem on the horizon at sunset.  We even had an additional confirmation that this alignment was "the one" a couple months earlier when comet Elenin appeared and formed first the tears, and then the crown, of Virgo (just like Rev 12 says).
The Bible says that Jesus rose from the dead and was here for 40 days before being taken up into heaven in front of many witnesses.  The people were all dumbfounded when they saw this.  The Bible says that two angels came down and asked the onlookers why they were staring up in shock and amazement.  The angels told the people that Jesus would return in the same manner in which He had departed.  
This is what struck me.  Jesus ascension to heaven was an illustration of the rapture.  God knew that in the last days we would understand.  The movement of the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens replayed exactly what happened in the sky when Jesus was crucified, and culmanated with the lunar eclipse that began on the moment Jesus died and was visible as a blood moon at the feet of Virgo on the horizon at sunset.  The exact same thing happened on December 10, 2011.  In 40 days  after the December 10th blood moon the church will ascend to heaven in the same manner that Jesus ascended to heaven almost 2000 years ago.
The only difference in the alignments between then and now is that the first time around it was Jupiter that was in conjunction with Venus in the belly (womb) of Virgo.  Jupiter is the chief god and imparted life to the child.  The second time around it was Saturn in the conjunction with Venus.  Satan (the dragon) was waiting to devour the child.  However, Revelation 12 tells us that the dragon lost out and the child was taken to heaven.
There has been a dual fulfillment of Revelation 12.
The first time around the blood moon at the feet of Virgo symbolized the life of Christ, fully lived (full moon) and covered with the blood of Christ.  The second time around, almost 2000 years later, the moon symbolized the Church, covered with the blood of Christ.
This solution is grand.  It is spectacular.  It is precise.  It is simple enough that anyone can understand it.  And it has played out in the heavens where all of the Earth's inhabitants have seen it.  The best word that I can think of to describe this sign is "elegant."
I do not know if Jesus ascended 40 days after his death or 40 days after his resurrection.  Will have to research that, but that would put it somewhere around the 20th of January.
P.S.  Steve, feel free to post this on your web site if you feel it is worthy.

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