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"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads..."



The situation in the Middle East is horrific. It is a holocaust perpetrated by demonic hordes.   Many of those in unimaginable danger are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Bible clearly, clearly lays out our responsibility:  

Let us pray for those who are Christians. The Bible clearly promises that He will hear and act upon our prayers. Our God hears the effectual, feverent prayers of a righteous man (which we are, through the blood of Christ).  He will stand for those that belong to Him when they cry out to Him.  Let us cry out to Him today on behalf of our sisters and brothers.

Let us pray for those in danger who do not know the Lord. The Bible also tells us in Lamentations that God's mercies are new every morning, that His compassion's fail not and that His faithfulness is great.  We can lift up those who do not belong to Christ, asking our Lord that He be merciful and compassionate toward the lost also - those suffering unspeakable horrors.

Let us pray for all the children.  The Bible tells us how God withheld judgment on Nineveh because of the little children who knew not their right hand from their left - we can pray for all the children standing on that scripture, as His Word tells us He changes not. 

PLEASE join us in prayer today at 3pm, and if you cannot pray then, find some time today to lift these precious souls to God. 

PLEASE ask your friends and family and neighbors to pray, gather together in prayer groups, as the Bible tells of the strength and power of united prayer.

PLEASE ask your churches to open their doors for prayer 24/7; this dire situation requires more than five minutes on Sunday!  Where is THE CHURCH ??  While the church on the corner may be sleeping, remember that WE ARE THE CHURCH, and we need no building, as we are part of the Temple of God. WE can pray, in our homes, at our desks, in our cars, whenever, whenever - that is the great freedom of the power of prayer.

Our God is an awesome God. He is mighty. He is willing. He is able. Let us take this to Him in faith believing.  


Letters (August 1-10, 2014)

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