The silent and dormant church is the abortion industryís single greatest ally.

Absent Allies

Mark Crutcher

Our resolve is no match for their cowardice.

Mark Crutcher has been identified as the most dangerous anti-abortionist in America. He is the founder and president of Life Dynamics Incorporated.

Mark Crutcher

One of the pro-life movementís biggest frustrations has always been that the people who should be our biggest allies, the Republican Party and the church, have shown neither the character nor the courage to join the fight.

I include the church and politicians in the same section because I think they have entered into a kind of unholy alliance with each other.  Itís not that they all sat down in a room and cooked up some giant conspiracy.  Itís more like a conspiracy that naturally evolved from a common agenda.

It works something like this.  First, the nationís politicians tell us to go away, claiming that abortion is a religious issue and not the sort of thing in which politicians should become involved.  Then, the church tells us to go away because abortion is a political issue and not something in which the church should become involved.

Of course, both know that this argument is complete rubbish, but the rhetoric surrounding it makes them feel more at ease with their cowardice, plus it gives them an excuse to throw us out of their offices.

It now appears that these guys intend to work this scam until we either give up or drop dead.  That may sound farfetched, but I guarantee you that if the pro-life movement called a press conference to announce that it was going to surrender and disband, the three happiest institutions in America would be the abortion industry, the Republican Party, and the church.

In the case of the Republican Party, the first thing we need to understand is that it is totally unsuited for the abortion battle.  Since the day this struggle began, it has always been clear that it is the political equivalent of a brawl in a waterfront bar.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party is made up of a bunch of guys whose mammas dressed them for college.  They might go into a waterfront bar, but when the first punch is thrown, the only thing you can be certain of is that youíre about to hear the unmistakable pitter-patter of fine leather wingtips stampeding toward the door.

On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of fight that the Democratic Party relishes.  Since the sixties, it has devolved into a political sanctuary for every kind of moral degenerate and social misfit known to man.  In a political bar fight, they are totally amoral people who will lie, cheat, steal, or wallow in the filthiest cesspool, if thatís what it takes to win.  And they absolutely scare the Republicans to death.

A second problem with the GOP is that the gated- community, limousine liberals who control it are about as interested in abortion as a fish is in a bicycle.  These people are motivated by money, and there is simply no money in saving babies.

The next time someone says to you that the right to life is a ďcore valueĒ with the Republican Party, ask them if thatís the same Republican Party which routinely (a) backs pro-abortion candidates against pro-life candidates in the primaries, (b) uses contributions from pro-lifers to help elect pro-abortion Republicans over pro-life Democrats, (c) supports pro-abortion organizations like Republicans for Choice, (d) awards influential party leadership positions to hard-core pro-aborts, (e) votes to confirm pro-abortion judges to the federal bench, (f) runs candidates for president who wonít commit to name only pro-lifers to the Supreme Court, and (g) appropriates taxpayer dollars to fund openly pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Anyone who thinks those are the actions of a political party which sees the right to life as a ďcore valueĒ is about two french fries short of a Happy Meal.

As for the church, the reason why the vast majority of churches are not involved in the fight against abortion is actually quite simple. It takes courage and character they simply donít have.

Trading moral authority for comfort, convenience, and popularity has become a tradition of the modern clergy.  When Africans were being captured, bought, sold and brutalized, church leaders conveniently decided that slavery was none of their business and looked the other way.  And when the Nazis began to slaughter millions of innocent human beings, also claiming that their victims were not fully human, the church again decided it was none of their business and looked the other way.

So now that another group of ďnot fully humansĒ is being legally butchered by the millions, we should not be surprised that spineless priests and spineless pastors are choosing to look the other way.

Some pro-lifers say that if we will just educate the clergy about abortion, they will get on board.  That is nonsense.  These guys may not know all the repugnant details about abortion, but every pastor and priest in America knows that it is the deliberate killing of an innocent and defenseless baby.  They also know that they have an obligation to fight against it.  So donít be misled.  The missing ingredient here is not education, but courage.

Now you may think I am being overly harsh on the church.  But if you are going to believe anything Iíve written in this book, believe that the silent and dormant church is the abortion industryís single greatest ally.  The abortion holocaust would end overnight if just a fraction of this nationís 600,000 churches became active in the battle.

Instead, we have church leaders who look us right in the face and say, "I know that abortion is murder, but Iíve got people sitting in my pews who feel differently, and Iím not going to offend them."  Of course, if someone was killing off tithers instead of unborn children, you can be certain that these old boys would be speaking out loud and clear, and they wouldnít care who felt differently or who might be offended.

Weíve also got people sitting in the pews who say that their silence and inaction only means they are not taking a position one way or the other.  That is a lie.  There is no such thing as not taking a position on abortion.  When a man sees helpless children being slaughtered and does nothing to stop it, he is taking a stand.  His failure to intervene is tacit approval for the killings to proceed.

Then youíve got Christians who say that abortion is simply not any of the churchís business.  That too is a lie.  If the killing of Godís most precious creation is none of the churchís business, then we may as well turn every church in America into a bowling alley.

I have been asked many times what I think the church should do in the abortion battle.  At Life Dynamics, we maintain a list of specific actions the church can take, but basically they are the same as those available to the pro-life community at large.  The greatest thing would be for the church to fight abortion exactly like it would fight the government if they tried to take away the churchís tax-exempt status.  Compared to that, World War II would look like a third-grade food fight.

After almost thirty years of effort, no one can rightly claim that the pro-life movement has not done everything humanly possible to make Americaís clergy and politicians do the right thing.  But it is increasingly obvious that our resolve is no match for their cowardice.

The fact is, the pro-life effort is going to succeed whether they are on board or not, and every ounce of energy we squander trying to get them to do the right thing is an ounce we donít have for the battle against abortion.

Before we leave this subject, I want to predict that a time will come when every preacher, every priest, and every politician in America will be pushing and shoving to get to the front lines of the pro-life effort.  I can even tell you when that seemingly unlikely event will occur.

On the day it becomes obvious to them that victory over the abortion holocaust is at hand, these guys will come running out from behind their mammasí skirts, grinning from ear to ear, giving high-fives to everyone they can get in front of, and slapping every back in sight.  Then, with their arms draped over our shoulders, theyíll start crowing about how they were with us all along.

Of course, in the spirit of the prodigal son, God will expect us to bite our tongues and accept them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I tell you all this now so you can start practicing in front of a mirror.  Itís not going to be easy.

Mark Crutcher founded Life Dynamics, Inc. in 1992. LDI is a non-profit organization, primarily known for its Abortion Malpractice Litigation (ABMAL) campaign and its aggressive Direct Mail Program (DMP).
The ABMAL campaign includes a range of litigation support services for attorneys representing women who have been killed, injured, or sexually assaulted while having abortions. The Direct Mail program is designed to educate members of the medical community about the realities of becoming involved in abortion.
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