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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 News Brief

You're Not Going to Believe This: Look at the power that a County Medical Examiner has:
Political Infighting between Spokane Police, Prosecutors, Medical Examiner Leaves Homicide Cases Unsolved
Thomas Clouse - March 21, 2017

And regarding that Spokane football coach exposing himself to team members at an Idaho football camp that Ricky Scaparo picked up on? Its fast fading away. The usual "move along, there's nothing to see here" type of scenario. The kids who squealed will be hazed out of the school.

From the Wednesday Huckleberries Column:
"There's gotta be a name for that first nice Sunday afternoon of the late winter when all the snow is gone and owners find themselves with spade and plastic bag in hand scooping up dog poop. Poopocalypse? Turd-o-Rama? ... Tootsie Roll Patrol. Good Neighbor Pooch Poo Spring Cleanup. Poopsicle Pac-Out...?"
(North Idaho humor. KJ)

Bill to Repeal Faith-healing Exemption Ends
"After two hours of passionate debate Tuesday, the Idaho Senate rejected a proposal allowing faith-healing parents to be civilly liable when their children die or suffer permanent injury due to a lack of treatment...Gov Butch Otter asked legislative leaders to form a special committee to look into the issue last summer, after legislation was proposed unsuccessfully for the past few years to lift or amend Idaho's religious exemptions...five Idaho children died that year (2013) because their parents' religious beliefs prevented them from seeking medical treatment...Idaho is one of just seven states with a faith-healing exemption from its manslaughter laws..."

Stock Market Drops! These Charts Show Something Ready to Blow!
Noted Putin Critic Warns of Confrontation between Trump and Russia, Not Collaboration
Strategic China-Russia Arctic Cooperation
The Truth about Trump's Skinny Budget
Economy Collapsed Months Ago - Market Just Doesn't Know It Yet
Don't Hide Your Gold Where Your Thermostat Can See

Should High School's Islamic Prayer Room Be Open to All Religions?
The Wilderness Will Make or Break You!
Mexico Threatens to End US Corn Imports

Urgent Message to the Muslim World
Erdogan's War on the West
Japan: Open Letter to the US
What They Do Not Tell You about Indonesia

Record Precipitation, Snowpack in California Expected to Increase Hydro Generation in 2017
The Many Faces of Rosetta's Comet 67P

Citizens Rise Up against City Officials as ICE Releases List of 118 Sanctuary Cities That Are Not Complying with the Law
Banned Video Proves the Watchmen Were Right as Food is Being Used as a Weapon in Venezuela and Shows Why the Entire World Should Be Alarmed

Terror-Coping Facilities Urgently Needed in Biblical Shiloh
Head of Gaza Aid Group Arrested for Diverting Humanitarian Funds to Hamas
Seismic Rumblings, Blood-Red Sea, Radioactive Fish and Mysterious Blob Appear in North Pacific
Founder of Anti-Israel Boycott Movement Arrested in Israel for Tax Evasion
??Torah Codes Warn North Korea Nuclear Crisis May Signal War Between Legions of Angels
Jews Enter Legal Battle for 1960s-Esque Civil Rights on the Temple Mount
Latest Opinion: The Real Face of Jordan

Discernment is Vital, But It Only Comes to Those Who Are Matter in Christ
Scientific Atheism: A Frivolous Exercise in Intellectual Contempt
Army of Bots Constantly Buidling Your Digital Profile

Another Book Giveaway
Random Things Needing Discernment
Again, Think about What You Sing!

Video: The Israel War and What This is About (45:33)
Moshe - March 22, 2017

Video: SkyWatchTV News: Obama's Shadow Government HQ (23:18)
SkyWatchTV - March 22, 2017

Video: United Nations Army to Bring Blood to American Streets? Nationalism and Populism Labeled Enemy#1  (19:06)
Lisa Haven - March 21, 2017

Who Controls the Alternate Reality in America?
Decolonizing the Curriculum: Schools Get New Correct World Maps Claiming to Show America's True Smaller Size
Resistance is Futile: Robocop Coming to a Town Near You!
New Mystery Photos: Why Is the Ice in Antarctica Turning a Vibrant Green Color?
Alert: Massive Breach Threatens to Wipe Out 300 Millions iPhones on April 7th unless Apple Pays Ransom
(Is this all a big fat lie and an excuse to shut us down? KJ)

Was Top FBI Official Financially Compromised during Clinton Investigation?
NSA: Nation State Cyber Attack Included Virtual Hand-to-Hand Combat
Terrifying Earthquake Fears as Cities at Risk of Being Dropped into Sea
If Antisemitic Parties Rise to Power, We Will Call on European Jews to Flee
Top Hezbollah Commander Mustafa Badreddine Assassinated by Own Group...

Grab the Window Seat: Auroras are likely around the Arctic Circle after local nightfall.
The action of the solar wind is expected to continue for 2 to 3 days more days, with a 50-60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms between now and March 24th.
Exquisite Crescent (Venus): View the great photo.
March 22 network reported 29 fireballs and 1780 potentially hazardous asteroids.
Solar wind speed is up to an alarming 968.7 km/sec.

News Updates
Charmaine Eggers - March 22, 2017

New Videos from Leak Project on YouTube:
??Huge Discovery - Could This Be the Burial Remains of Jesus? (6:28)
Slaves Sold as Property in the Bible, Update on Jesus Burial Scion of Caiaphas (19:15)
What's Really Going on in Antarctica? (7:49)

Video: The John Moore Radio Show (1:35:54)
jrliberty - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Guests: Prof James McCanney first hour

Video: Prophetic Update Regarding Israel and the Future Prophetic Wars (34:30)
Ricky Scaparo - March 22, 2017

Video: Oroville and Shasta Dam/Inflow Triples in 24 Hours (7:40)
BPEarthWatch - March 21, 2017
(We have emergency flood conditions here in Spokane. People have been warned that if they're stubborn enough to go on the River they might face the situation alone because the last two emergency rescues were too dangerous for professional personnel. KJ)

Video: Two Unexpected Tsunamis in 1 Week...
dutchsinse - March 21, 2017

Video: Time Travel Gone Wrong? The Lead Glasses Mystery (10:02)
secureteam10 - March 22, 2017

Video: Planet X? Science Article: NASA Knew the Moon's Orbit Was Off in 2011 (12:43)
Higher Truth Channel - March 21, 2017

VetFinder - Find a Holistic Veterinarian



Tuesday, March 21, 2017 News Brief

Dwight Clark, Gale Sayers Show NFL Players Continue to Pay High Price
March 20, 2017 - Tim Dahlberg
("Football players are tough guys. They have to be to survive in a sport where the toughest always come out on top. Some play the game because they love it. Others play it because it can make them wealthy. Unfortunately, most don't see 30 years into the future. They think they're invincible, and that bad things will only happen to other guys.")

New Videos from MrCati on YouTube:
The 03-20-17 David Rockefeller Mega-Ritual 9-22 Sacrifice  (2:09)
The 3-17 Trump and Merkel 9-22 Observation (23:01)

New Videos from Lisa Haven on YouTube:
Democrats Doomed! James Comey Just Ended All Russian Lies with One Little Word (9:40)
Wait, What? Does It Get Any Crazier! You're Being Watched in the Most Secret Place! (4:28)
Proof Literal Maniacs Are Running the World - Warning You May Go Nutz after Watching This (11:35)
New York in Nuclear Trouble? If Not Then Why
Did They Just Do This False Flag Ahead? (11:00)

1961 Prophecy from Evangelist Tommy Hicks Described the Army of the Last Days That is Rising Now
Michael Snyder - March 19, 2017

Why Does the Beast in Beauty and the Beast Look Eerily Like Baphomet?

David Rockefeller's Money Couldn't Save Him. Did Satan?
Dear America: Better Read the Fine Print on Your Credit Card Statement
March 15th: Rothschild, Debt Ceiling & Demise of the Dollar
The Upcoming Trade War between the US and China Will Be the Biggest in the History of the Planet
How Much Food Should I Store Up?
How to Find Water in the City after a Collapse
Tim Allen: Hollywood Is Like Nazi Germany Right Now

Video: Russia Warns They Will Use Tactical Nukes (14:33)
Israeli News Live - March 20, 2017

Crucifixion Nails and Other Evidence of Jesus' Life Discovered by Israeli Archeologists
When Kindergarten Begins Assigning Your Child's Gender Identity
Secret Gay Club Created by Idaho School Hidden from Parents
Myanmar Christians Flee Persecution by Thousands
Far-Right News Sites under the Microscope from FBI

American Shale Gas Selling at Record Prices to Overseas Buyers
The Life-saving Potential of Underwater Earthquake Monitors
California Has a $383M Plan for the Shrinking Salton Sea
Can This Mud Volcano Predict Eruptions at Nearby Mount Etna?

North Korea's Nuclear Tests May Set Off Apocalyptic War of Angels, Warns Bible Codes
Israeli Study Proves Your Face Matches Your Name
Only in Israel: 1,400 Year-Old Coin Cache Found in Highway Excavation
UN Pulls Apartheid Israel Report; Head of Body Responsible Resigns
Where Does Israel Land in World Happiness Ranking?
BDS Movement on Decline Worldwide
IDF Chief of Staff: Next War Will be with Hezbollah
Latest Opinion: Commotion among the Jews

Stranger than Fiction - Lake Turned into Acid after Underwater Volcanic Eruption as Explosive Events Rock Pacific Ocean

What Is Genuine Christian Behavior?
Sex-Selective Abortions Should Be Allowed, British Medical Association Ethics Expert Says
TD Jakes and Joyce Meyer Teaching Word of Faith Little Gods

Video: Israel War Coming and Soon (2:32:30)
Moshe - March 21, 2017

Charmaine Eggers - March 21, 2017
That Party of Tolerance Can Really Hate

Geomagnetic Storm: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on March 21 as a high-speed stream of solar wind (657.7 km/sec) buffets Earth's magnetic field. The stream is broad and Earth could remain inside it for the next three days.
No sunspots.
A thick auroral oval is due north.
Kp=5 Storm

Ever Wondered What Final Approach to Mars Might Feel Like?
Catch Comet 41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak at Its Best

Repeal of FCC Privacy Protection Imminent! Here's What You Need to Know
Video: CNN Guest Exposes the Number One Way Mainstream News Controls the Narrative

Deconstruction of the Administrative State
World Government - Or Else
The Selective Prosecution of the FBI
America's Division Is Our Greatest Weapon against Us
Islam Is as Islam Does
Finally! The Truth about Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Media's Cheery Ignorance about Islam's Hostile Ideology
Michael Savage Was Target of NSA Spying
A Third of Secular Israeli Jews Want to Move Abroad
Top General Just Exposed Exactly What Obama Has Done to Our Military over the Past 8 Years

Obama's Mother-in-Law Charged with Larceny and Fraud
Austin Police Report Two More Patrol Cars Had Exhaust Fumes Seeping Inside

Should We Ban Ibuprofen?

The House Intelligence Committee Hearing: Missing Questions
What Trump's Budget Reveals about His Military Strategy
The Federal Reserve Must Recognize It Has a Millenial Problem
What Kind of Arab World Does Trump Want to See?
More Than One Million Americans Are in North Korea's Nuclear Crosshairs (with No Real Defense)

Video: Comey Was Pushed into Admitting Something, It Shows the Deep State Is in Control (25:59)
X22Report - March 20, 2017

New Videos from Leak Project on YouTube:
Breaking Discovery in Antarctica - This Is a Game Changer! (5:37)
Testing the Radiation Levels of Tuna Fish (1:44)
Shocking Levels of Pollution Discovered in Antarctica (7:03)

Putin's Real Syria Agenda
("...to constrain US freedom of action - not fight ISIS and al Qaeda...Moscow's deepening footprint in Syria threatens America's ability to defend its interests across the Middle East and in the Mediterranean Sea.")

Video: The Very Public Divorce Hoax of Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology (14:37)
Global Agenda - March 20, 2017

Chinese Official Denied Visa to Attend US Planetary Science Conference
See Earth's Lithospheric Magnetic Field in Highest Resolution Yet
Space X Studying Landing Sites for Mars Missions

Video: Liberal Larry: La La Land and Moonlight. Thank You Oscars for Rewarding Really Good Movies! (1:27)
Steve Mudflap McGrew - February 27, 2017

A Dying Planet Will Soon Crash into Its Sun
Mysterious Beam over Mt Etna and UFOs over Mexican Volcano
Study Reports Some Corpses Mysteriously Heat Up after Death
Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs Are a Threat to Snow Leopards
??Your Nose is Shaped by the Climate
Study Finds 55% of Nurses Report Paranormal Experiences

Video: A 16 Year Boy's Vision of the Great Tribulation Recorded Live (59:06)
aminutetomidnight - December 17, 2016



Monday, March 20, 2017 News Brief

Video: Learn the Bible in 24 Hours - Hour 21 (1:11:40) Eschatological Summary
Koinonia House - March 19, 2017

Thanks to Sabine for this heads up:
Video: This Has Never Happened until Now (19:17)
Jason A - March 19, 2017

Great Questions and Jason A
Charmaine Eggers - March 20, 2017

CERN Was Waiting on Saturn to Start Again
Michael Erevna - May 10, 2015

Thanks to Tammy for this thread: Was  Pharaoh Amenhotep III actually King Solomon?
Charles Pope - Book is available online

Resource: Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Thanks to Frances & Tammy for this thread & link:
Video: The Mysterious Last Door at Padmanabhaswamy Temple
UFOmania - The truth is out there - July 25, 2016

Video: The Evidence that the Ancient Lost City beneath the Antarctic Ice Still Exists! (4:29)
UFOmania -  The truth is out there - March 20, 2017

Video: The Antarctic Atlantis
David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos - March 11, 2017

Humor Video: Liberal Larry Says You to Stop Picking on Rachel Maddow!
Steve Mudflap McGrew - March 19, 2017

Video: Snowflake Cry
Chad Prather - March 20, 2017

??Video: Judge Decides US Constitution Applies to Entire Planet
SkyWatchTV - March 20, 2017

New Videos from Moshe on You Tube:
Where are We at Now Part 1 (1:47:07)
Where are We at Now Part 2 (27:06)
His channel is: Israel Bible Prophecy News Analysis & Ezekiel Temple Watch

Perilous: The Times in Which We Now Live

Tornado Risk Amping Up This Week and Beyond
Bob Henson  - March 20, 2017

Blasphemous, Disgusting & Demonic: Archbishop Paglias Homoerotic Mural
30 Countries Are Refusing to Take Back Illegal Immigrants Convicted of Serious Crimes
Top GOP Senator Spills Beans on Real Goal of EPA
(Kill free enterprise and destroy capitalism.)
IDF Calls Up Reservists for Surprise Exercise in South
Is Denmark on the Brink?

Billionaire David Rockefeller Dies at Age 101 Last Surviving Grandson of John D Rockefeller
25 Most Intense, Gruesome Archeology Discoveries in Human History
Texas Gov Abbott Makes Good on His Word, Strips $1.5 M from County that Tried to Call His Bluff

Video: Short Update: Tension Rises between Israel and Russia (4:06)
Behold Israel - March 20, 2017

New Videos from Leak Project on YouTube:
A Psychic's Thoughts on Antarctica & the Science behind Tarot & Astrology (1:23:17)
NWO - Pandemics, Plagues, Population Control & How to Protect Yourself (34:02)
30 Poultry Farms in Quarantine - New Super Bird Flu Strain H5Nx Spreading (4:59)

Video: Planet Visible - Chicago, USA (2:09)
Dill Martin - March 20, 2017
(Be sure to read his comments below the video, a great witnessing tool. KJ)

Video: Recent Flood Devastation! 2.3 Billion People Have Been Displaced since 1995! (8:34)
Higher Truth Channel - March 19, 2017
("Half a million since December...It's just a matter of time before all of us are touched by flooding. Don't lose sight of solar radiation, Fukushima and deadly heat either." He forgot wild fires. KJ)

Monday, March 20, 2017 Guest David Horowitz
(Check out other guests for the rest of the week.)

Tensions between Israel and Russia Increase Dramatically after Engagements with Hezbollah
Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines

Sign of the Woman
Defining the New Moon
Is This the Sign of Revelation 15?
Revelation 12 - The Sign for Israel
(Daniel Matson)

Audio: The Deplorables Global Intel Update with Best & Taylor
North Korea, Bible Codes, Nukes, Israel & More

Thanks to Frances for this link:
1961 Prophecy from Evangelist Tommy Hicks Described the Army of the Last Days that is Rising Now
Michael Snyder - March 19th, 2017

Mysterious Vanishings on the High Seas
Were the Carolina Bays Formed by Frozen Debris from a Comet Impact?
Antarctica's Secret Nazi Base: Separating the Fact from the Fiction

Song of Solomon Contains an Amazing Reference to the Pretribulation Rapture as Being in Springtime

Addressing the Problem of Evil and Suffering in a Moral Philosophy Class
Ray Ortlund on What Makes a Gospel-Centered Church



Sunday, March 19, 2017 News Brief

IMPORTANT The GREAT SIGN of Revelation 12 (18 minutes)

When Less is More: Living a Minimalist Lifestyle
March 19, 2017 - Treva Lind

Video: Amazing Grace Cherokee Prayer (
Ine RP Braat - January 7, 2015
Beautifully done.

Video: Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode - Live 1958
pigcityrecords - February 8, 2012
("Johnny B Goode arguably in itself upped the level for Rock Music and solidified Chuck Berry's status as a pioneer.")
Charles Edward Anderson Berry 1926-2017

Video: John Haller's Prophecy Update (1:30:55)
Webs of Lies and Ties
Fellowship Bible Chapel - March 19, 2017

Video: A Prayer for the Unborn (50:18)
Pastor Steve Mitchell - March 19, 2017
Fellowship Bible Chapel

Video: Prophecy Alert: Damascus under Attack! (13:59)
Israeli News Live - March 19, 2017

Video: Massive High Energy Proton Spike to Strike Earth!
BPEarthWatch - March 19, 2017

Video: Prophecy Update #173 (33:27)
State of Denial
The Superior Word - March 19, 2017

Video: The Sin of Fornication (1:04:14)
Robert Breaker - March 17, 2017

Video: Strong Holds and Places for the Devil (31:01)
zion4131 - Pastor Charles Lawson - March 19, 2017

Video: Strange UFO Activity over Mt Etna Volcano
secureteam10 - March 19, 2017



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