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Life's Most Important Question

Frank Turek        

"A tepid Christianity cannot withstand a rabid secularism." - Ravi Zacharias

Frank Turek

The majority of young people — surveys show about 75 percent — leave the church after high school, partially because atheism is religiously promoted in college and the culture.  In fact, college professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public, and more than half of college professors have unfavorable views of evangelical students. 1

But how can you blame the professors?  They are rightfully unimpressed with the inability of most Christian students to defend their beliefs.  In other words, it's not so much that Christian minds are lost at college — it's that Christian minds rarely get to college.  They rarely get to college because many parents and churches emphasize emotion and ignore the biblical commands to develop the mind,2 which means that most kids skip off to college equipped with nothing more than feel-good emotionalism.  If bands, pizza, and Pepsi could equip church youth with the intellectual firepower to defend Christianity, we wouldn't have so many kids fleeing the church.

What you win kids with, you win them to.  If you win them with emotion, you win them to emotion.  Unfortunately, emotions are no match for atheistic college professors who are intent on undermining your beliefs.  Facts are necessary.  Emotions come and go, but facts never change.

Stealing From God

If Christians continue to rely on emotion and ignore evidence, they will continue to lose their children to secularism.  As Ravi Zacharias points out, a tepid Christianity cannot withstand a rabid secularism.  And make no mistake — secularism is rabid.  The world isn't neutral out there.  Today's culture is becoming increasingly anti-Christian.  Every day the media and academia pound out an incessant drumbeat against the Christian faith, some to the point of mockery.  They depict Christianity as completely unreasonable (even though, as we shall see, it is atheism that is unreasonable).

Despite the fact that Christians founded most of our major universities to advance Christianity (Harvard premised learning on John 17:3!), atheism is just assumed to be true at many of those schools today.  The existence of God is not even a topic to be studied or debated.  Instead, belief in God is often mocked or dismissed even in "religion" courses.

Yet, how we live, and the destiny of my life and your life, ultimately hinges on the question "Does God exist?"  If God exists — especially the God of the Bible — then what we believe and how we live matters for all eternity.  If no God exists, then nothing ultimately matters and there is no objective game plan for living.  That's why "Does God exist?" is literally life's most important question.


Excerpt from Stealing From God by Frank Turek

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