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Subject: Intelligence Brief #299 Social control through a Gnostic structure
Hi Everyone,
This will be based on the work of Fritz Springmeier who is a Christian author largely responsible for exposing the systems of mind control used by the illuminati.  There is direct mind control where you have a victim and a handler.  That relies on direct interaction between the two of them.  This article will deal more with mass mind control which is carried out largely by creating social controls inside a group as it relates to false religions.  (All religions are false.  Christianity is a relationship with the Creator, Yeshua.)
There is an old adage that goes, “Knowledge is power.”  Said another way, having knowledge that others perceive they need and can only get from you creates a power relationship.  Think of the role of your manager at work.  If you need his or her approval to implement an idea, purchase something, or to leave early on Friday, then that person has power over you.  No matter what the answer is from the manager the power relationship does not go away.  While this is a very simple example, this is the basis for control in the Gnostic religions. 
Below is a graphic of a pyramid shaped command and control structure.  This could represent a company, a military unit, or a religious organization, but Fritz Springmeier shows how it is the basic structure of Gnostic religions.  Having and controlling secret knowledge (Gnosticism) creates a power relationship.  If the knowledge was given out all at once then the leverage of power would be lost.  So it must be given out incrementally.  This is the first step in creating the social controls necessary to retain the power structure.  For example, in the illuminati they set up an initiate degree system of 33 levels.  An example in Catholicism is when it was forbidden for the broad masses to read the Bible making the broad masses rely on the interpretation of their cover ruling body. 
The second step is to indoctrinate the broad masses (laity) into the system.  On May 30, 2013 the Pope was quoted saying, “people today say, ‘Christ, yes; the Church, no,’ like they say, ‘I believe in God, but not in priests’”. Such a position does not make sense because “it is the Church that brings us Christ and brings us to God. The Church is the great family of God’s children.”  What is he saying there?  He is saying, “You need us!”  Due to people waking up and discovering the Catholic Church is a false religion as well as people just fed up with the corrupt entity it is, the Pope apparently felt the need to reassert that you can only get Christ through the church, which is a lie and an attempt to re-establish the power relationship over the broad masses.  
If you took the pyramid and turned it on its side it would be a pie shape.  Each slice represents the name of a (supposedly) different religion; Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Jehovah Witness, Mormonism, Protestantism, and so on.  The tip of each pie comes together to form the center which consists of the satanists (illuminati) who control it all.  The outside ring is the broad masses, which fight amongst the broad masses of the other religions.  So the Protestants fight with the Catholics and the Islamists fight with, well, everyone.  But what does not happen, or rarely happens, is the broad masses fighting the center, who is the real enemy.  The broad masses are stopped by their own initiates and their own cover ruling body.     
To further protect the secretive nature of their nefarious work the illuminati created the SPIN Principle.  That stands for Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networking.  Basically, you create several organizations with different names, but working toward the same goal.  That way if one part is attacked the system is relatively unharmed.  For example the illuminati set up the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, European Union, African Union, The Council of the Americas, Organization of American States, and so on.        
The boundaries between the pieces of pie are artificial.  As we see in these end times the push for a one world religion through the “interfaith” movement where leaders of these organizations pray together and claim to be praying to the same god.  For example, Freemason Billy Graham was quoted on the David Frost program May 30, 1997 saying, “I think Islam is misunderstood, too, because Mohammed has a great respect for Jesus, and he called Jesus the greatest of the prophets except himself.  And I think we’re closer to Islam than we really think we are.”  Similarly, Larry King interviewed Robert Schuler December 24, 1999 and here is how that went:
King: [asking why met with the Grand Mufti] “And why are you here? The idea of bringing religions together, right?”
Schuler: “Absolutely….We’re in a totally new era….the age of being able to indoctrinate people is finished.”
           King: “Does [this visit], Robert Schuler, give you encouragement?”
Schuler, “Oh, absolutely…the Grand Mufti said, “religion is like rain that falls, the extremists pollute the pure water’… I predict we’re going to focus in the next millennium as religious leaders to clean up the pollution in religion…”
Do not mist the importance of that last line.  Two things are happening there.  One, there is a coming synthesis of all the world's religions.  Second, if you believe in something that does not go along with the world view you are considered pollution.  We know from Revelation 13:15 how the clean-up will go, “…and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”
We are now in a phase called the externalization of the hierarchy.  Simply put, that means what the esoteric group did in secret is now being released for mainstream consumption.  An example would be the agenda through government regulations and media manipulation to create a pro-homosexual citizenry.  Another example is the blurring of the lines between the world religions which is why we now have "interfaith" groups.  This is also why cartoons, TV shows, movies, video games, music videos, and commercials now openly use and continually push the boundaries of witchcraft (Harry Potter), demons (R.I.P.D. – out July 19th), aliens (Independence Day, Men in black, Prometheus), pagan mythology (Thor: The Dark World), trans-humanism (Avengers), and other forms of evil like vampirism (Twilight).  It is almost impossible to watch a movie today that does not have occult symbology and themes.  Its primary purpose is not entertainment.  It is to indoctrinate you and make you think about the concepts presented in a way that you don’t even realize is happening.  It was done in stages.  Once the population was desensitized to a certain level of information they brought out darker themes.  Have you noticed the names of movies like “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” “Thor: Into darkness?”  If your spiritual eyes are closed you will not see what is happening.  If your spiritual eyes are open you will understand that the world is being prepared to accept the antichrist. 
Mind Control Care Package - Fritz Springmeier - The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines
God’s plan is to unite all humanity, says Pope
May 30, 2013
Pope Francis has announced that he will begin a series of audience talks about the Church.
He made the announcement during his weekly general audience yesterday, which began with the Pope getting drenched by a cloudburst as he rode through St Peter’s Square in an open Popemobile.
The Pope said that “people today say, ‘Christ, yes; the Church, no,’ like they say, ‘I believe in God, but not in priests’”. Such a position does not make sense because “it is the Church that brings us Christ and brings us to God. The Church is the great family of God’s children.”
“The Church is the great family of children of God,” he said. “Certainly it has human aspects from the members who comprise it, pastors and faithful. They have defects, imperfections, sins. Even the Pope has them – and he has many – but what is beautiful is that when we become aware that we are sinners, we find the mercy of God. God always forgives. Don’t forget this. God always forgives.
“Sin is an offense against God, but it’s also an opportunity,” he told the estimated 90,000 people gathered in the square and the avenue beyond. “Humiliation can lead one to see there is something beautiful awaiting you: the mercy of God. Think about this.”
God’s plan, the Pope said, is to unite all humanity into one family where everyone recognises he or she is a child of God and loved by him: “The Church is born from God’s desire to call all people into communion with him” and “to participate in his divine life.”
During the Year of Faith, he said, Catholics should pray that their parishes and the entire Church would increasingly be a family that lives and shares God’s love and mercy.
Noting that many people today complain about the Church, Pope Francis urged Catholics to ask themselves several questions: “How much do I love the Church? Do I pray for it? Do I feel part of the Church family? What do I do to make the Church a community where everyone feels welcomed and understood, everyone feels the mercy and love of God who renews life?”
In his morning Mass homilies in the days leading up to the audience, the Pope had been speaking about the Church’s identity and the attitude that Catholics should have toward those who come to their parishes and the attitude Catholics should have toward the world.
Celebrating Mass with Vatican employees in the Domus Sanctae Marthae where he lives, Pope Francis spoke on May 29 of the danger, even the temptation, for the Church and its members of forgetting that salvation comes from the cross of Christ.
“The triumphalism of the Church stops the Church,” he said. It becomes a Church that journeys only halfway to its goal of salvation because people become satisfied with everything being “well-organised – all the offices, everything in its place, everything beautiful, efficient.”
Martyrdom is part of the life and journey of the Church, he said, as he urged those at Mass to pray for “a humble Church”.
During his morning homily on May 25, the Pope spoke about the importance of priests, parish workers and parishioners being open and welcoming to those who come to the parish asking for something. He used several examples, including that of a couple who goes to a parish to arrange their wedding, but before being congratulated, are told how much it will cost and asked for their baptismal certificates.
Too many times, the Pope said, “we are faith-checkers instead of facilitators of the people’s faith.”
Pope Francis also used the example of an unmarried mother who goes to a parish asking that her baby be baptised only to hear, “No, you aren’t married.”
“This young woman had the courage” to carry her baby to term and not have an abortion, he said, and “what does she find? A closed door. And this happens to a lot of people. This is not good pastoral zeal.
This pushes people away from the Lord.”
“Jesus instituted seven sacraments and we, with this kind of attitude, institute an eighth: the sacrament of pastoral control,” he said, using the term in Italian for the customs control at an international airport.

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