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How to Fight the War on Terror

Dr. David Stone        

"And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." - Matthew 22:39

Dr. David Stone

To promote true religion is the best and most effectual way of making a virtuous and regular people. Love to God and love to man are the substance of religion; when these prevail, civil laws will have little to do. – John Witherspoon

For many years now, the topic that gets the most press and the most attention from pundits is terrorism, specifically Islamic terrorism perpetrated against the West, against fellow Muslim sects, and against Jews and Christians. Yet, proportionally little reporting is done by the mainstream press about Muslim persecution of professing Christians, when compared with the daily number of atrocities.

The reason I write this blog is that I cannot find ANYONE in the media that has a rational perspective. Especially fascinating are liberal politicians and pundits. Having lived through the Cold War, I’m struck by the parallels between the liberal perspective on Islam now, in comparison with the liberal perspective on Communism in the 1970s and 1980s.

Liberals consistently make excuses for a ruthless enemy bent on world domination. Liberals avoid facing reality by expostulating, “We are not at war with them!” All the while the enemy is clear about his intent to destroy or dominate anyone who enjoys freedom. Liberals promote policies of avoidance, hoping that bad things won’t happen and, if they do, the consequences won’t be too bad . . . and at any rate will only affect the ‘common people’ in fly-over country . . . in red states. (You know, it’s interesting that when the dichotomy ‘red’ and ‘blue’ states was initiated long ago, the liberal states were ‘red’ and the conservatives were ‘blue.’ That was appropriate, since red is the color of Marxism. Somewhere along the line, in some media magnate backroom meeting, the colors got switched.) Liberals also love to blame America for ‘provoking’ hatred in its enemies. This is particularly ironic because liberals have run America and its key institutions for decades . . . including politics, education (Kindergarten through graduate school), and both entertainment and news media.

I was flabbergasted a few years ago to hear a speech by a liberal full professor (University of Wisconsin) who lamented the woeful state of today’s students; particularly their lack of values, lack of discipline, and deficiency in basic skills. Which are all the result of ‘liberal values’ in raising and educating children! Whom did she think was to blame? It’s her crowd that runs the show!

Both liberal and conservative policies tend to avoid military solutions, but liberals seem far more willing to shed American blood in actions that promise no clear result – Vietnam was the classic. Liberal military actions are aimed primarily at political appeasement of moderates at home who want to think that our government is doing something. When semi-conservatives run the government, liberal politicians do everything possible to prevent a clear victory.

Conservatives lean more strongly to decisive military actions which can, to some degree, actually cause some degradation in the strength of Islamic warmongering groups or the nations that harbor them.

But nobody has an end game. Even the ‘smartest’ conservative pundits who want to defeat ISIS militarily, for example, have no end game in mind. Perhaps there is no feasible end game in any of these scenarios.

For example, what were the end games for the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan? The apparently laudable goal, respected by both liberals and conservatives alike, was the establishment of secular constitutional republics. Why isn’t that working out? In fact, why is it an unmitigated disaster? Simply because the populations are committed to Islam. Islam knows nothing of democracy in the form of a constitutional republic. Serious Muslims will always put their clerics and their tribes and their own form of Sharia above any silly document foisted on them by Western infidels.

Yes, the U.S. can smash a regime with military force, whether Saddam Hussein’s in Iraq or the Taliban in Afghanistan. But Americans cannot and will not indefinitely enforce a ‘secular’ puppet regime at the point of a gun. It’s neither in our constitution nor in our Constitution to be occupiers, even if we were entirely benevolent. Consider Germany after World War 2. We wanted to let the Germans run Germany and, fortunately, there were plenty enough non-Nazi Germans who valued principles of freedom to facilitate the democracy and economy enjoyed there for the last 70 years. Similarly for Japan.

Is there any mystery about the intent of Islam . . . for the last 1400 years? Of course not. It has grown via the sword and continues to do so, whether Sunni or Shia, whether Al Qaeda or ISIS or Hezbollah. Infidels, whether Jews or Christians or secularists, are to be ‘converted’ or oppressed . . . or exterminated. Hey, I’m not insulting anyone. This is what ‘they’ say. Are there any Muslim Arab leaders who want a Palestinian state, for example, that will live in harmony with their Jewish neighbors in Israel?

Islam is not compatible with the freedom enjoyed by Americans. Consider half of the Muslim population . . . women. Islam allows a man four wives, if he can afford them, and he can divorce any wife – without recourse on her part – by simple declaration. In strict (read ‘serious’) Muslim societies, women have drastically severe dress codes and suffer many restrictions on personal freedom. Why aren’t Western feminists in continual outrage? (Answer below.)

As I draft this I scanned just a couple of sources to sample some current news stories on the fruits of Islam. Here’s just a short list:

  • An Islamic terrorist group kills 148 at a Kenyan university, separating Christian students from Muslims and shooting the Christians.
  • A Nigerian Christian pastor is ‘butchered’ to death by Muslims. He had founded and operated a free school for 400 children.
  • ISIS publicly threatens to behead America’s President and spread Sharia by converting the U.S. into a Muslim province. They proclaim, “This is the fate of anyone who opposes Islam.” The propaganda video shows an ISIS fighter beheading a captured Kurdish soldier. Note: That’s their propaganda. That’s what they want the world to see.
  • ISIS accepts a pledge from the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, notorious for indiscriminate bombings and the kidnappings of girls for sex slavery.
  • A legal battle in Pakistan will decide the custody of three young children, made orphans when their Christian parents were burned alive, after being falsely accused of burning a copy of the Koran.
  • Christians flee Mosul, Iraq, many with just the clothes on their backs, when ISIS gives them an ultimatum to convert to Islam or be killed. Many others are tortured and killed in ISIS controlled territory.
  • Muslims continue to persecute Christians on the island of Mindanao (Philippines).
  • Underground house church leaders in Iran print Bibles, but are arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. A Christian transporting a truckload of Bibles is given a death sentence, which was commuted after many prayers on his behalf, but he’s still in prison.
  • A Sudanese boy is abandoned by his Muslim family when he professes Christ.

I could go on, but if you have any news sources outside the liberal press, I don’t need to. When Islam is in power, it oppresses . . . violently. What about American Muslims? Yes, the vast majority of American Muslims are peaceful. That’s because the ‘vast majority’ is a tiny minority within a secular culture. I have shared the Gospel with many Muslims individually. I believe that you would be hard pressed to find many (any?) American Muslims who would NOT vote for Sharia to replace the Constitution if the opportunity arose. Where are the Muslim advocates for freedom of religion? Have you heard any in the news media? I would love to see a comprehensive survey of American Muslims on the subjects of Sharia and freedom . . . Don’t forget to query the women! Why aren’t such polls taken and published?

For centuries, Islam has spread due to the actions of ‘serious’ Muslims. Not all are so ‘serious,’ but the ones who aren’t are willing to be docile and support the ones who are. I recall a discussion I had with a group of Air Force officers in the 1980s, during the heart of the Cold War. The ‘party line’ was . . . ‘The Russian people are good. It’s just the small minority, the Communist Party, that fosters the evil.’ I had a different perspective. The Communists could only attain and maintain power if the population lets them. I note that Americans threw off the comparatively light yoke of British colonialists in the 18th century, by committing their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. I submit that a population subservient to an evil ruling class participates in the evil.

I observe also that the more ‘serious’ a culture is about Islam, the more oppressive and dangerous it is. Yet the more ‘serious’ a Christian is, the more caring, self-sacrificing, and freedom-loving he is. I have had many conversations with ‘serious’ Muslims over the years. If some of these conversations had taken place on the streets of Riyadh or Islamabad, I wouldn’t have survived the day.

So why the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq? Details aren’t important: for example, whether ‘The Surge’ should have been maintained by President Obama. When one regime is crushed, another will follow . . . still wholly embedded within the Islamic worldview. If American forces were to crush ISIS forces in Iraq, it is clear (as of this date), that Iran’s Muslims will fill the void. That would be success?

The ‘wisest’ conservative commentators . . . few though they be . . . recognize that these battles must be fought not just militarily, not just economically, and not just politically, but also ideologically.

I agree! But how???? Which ideology? No one steps up to this issue. I also reviewed some current news items reflecting the dominant secular worldview of America and the Western world. Here are some samples:

  • Bumper stickers are appearing with the phrase, ‘so few lions,’ a reference to Christian martyrs slaughtered by lions in the Roman Empire. A new book documents that a rising ‘Christianophobia’ has taken over academia and the media, with more and more ‘powerful people’ openly expressing hatred of Christianity, Christians, and Christian values.
  • The last two New York city mayors, Bloomberg and de Blasio, have established policies that prohibit churches from renting public school facilities for worship services, although ‘equal access’ is available to non-Christian groups.
  • A Texas Junior High principal was suspended from her job after including a link in the school’s e-newsletter to a Christian web site. The link was to an article that warned parents about how sex predators use apps to prey on children. What got her suspended was that the link was to a Christian web site.
  • A student was rebuked and prohibited from ever again saying “God bless America” at the end of school announcements over the intercom.
  • A U.S. Army chaplain was disciplined for offering Biblical references during a suicide prevention training session. The accusation included these words . . . “perceived to advocate Christianity and used Christian Scripture and solutions.”
  • Italy is now a ‘dying country’ because abortion has depleted its population, with birth rates falling to 8.4 per 1000 people.
  • 83% of black teens in America live in broken families. (17% live in families with both of their biological parents married and in residence.) For ‘white’ teenagers, 46% live in broken families.
  • The Washington, D.C., mayor just signed a bill to force religious institutions to embrace abortions and homosexuality. In practice, this ‘non-discrimination’ bill could result in such actions as . . . “it could force Christian schools to recognize an LGBT student group or host a gay pride day on campus.”

I could go on for a long time, of course. The point is that Western ideology is entirely bankrupt. In confronting Islam ideologically, should the West publish an ideological platform that promotes abortion, gay marriage, the marginalization or outright oppression of Christians, the fantasy of evolution as THE explanation for where we came from (goo-to-you-via-the-zoo) . . . not to mention Western rock and rap music, movies with gratuitous nudity, sex, and violence, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, unconstrained fornication and adultery, and profanity as normal day-to-day discourse?

Face it: These are the values of American and Western culture, written into law and / or celebrated in our dominant institutions. Are ‘we’ going to ask Muslims to repent from their worldview and embrace Western values?

What about the ‘Christian evangelical culture’ in America? If you’ve got a few minutes, read my blog of March 15, 2015. The bottom line is that American evangelicalism is VERY WEAK. Evangelicals don’t stand against sin anymore. And fundamentalists (specifically Independent Fundamental Baptists) only do so by pulpit preaching – by their salaried clergy – within the four walls of their Sunday meeting house. They’re just not engaged. In the West, the Gospel message has been replaced with various perversions, including . . .

  • Jesus wants you to be prosperous.
  • Jesus wants you to be happy.
  • Jesus primarily wants His followers to feed the hungry and give shoes to orphans.
  • Jesus’ message is just to “love” (actually, tolerate and celebrate the wickedness and unbelief of) others.
  • Jesus will save you if you simply assent to some facts and pray a little prayer.
  • Jesus will save you if you’re good enough.
  • The only Hell is on Earth and ‘missional’ means to give away food and clothes.
  • Hey, Jesus saves everyone anyway and Hell is a fiction, and I’m offended if you don’t agree!

So what would be THE WAY to combat Islam ideologically? There is, indeed, an answer. Islam is wrong because it’s false. Just like atheism is false and Hinduism is false and Roman Catholicism is false. The TRUTH – God’s truth – is revealed in His word, the Bible. The Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH (John 14:6), and only the Lord Jesus is the source of freedom (John 8:31-36). If you disagree with all this, because you are a determined skeptic, that’s your choice – for the time being. All Christians can do is share the truth with you. But God holds you accountable and you have an appointment with Him in your future (Revelation 20:11-15). (If you actually want sufficient proof that the Biblical Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE, just start at this site’s home page and start reading. If you’re open-minded at all, you’ll have all the proof you need within the hour.)

The way to work against Islam or any falsehood that oppresses people in this life, and condemns them for eternity, is to preach the Gospel. Preach against sin and call for repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just like the prophets of old and a few Christians still do today. The only way any individual Muslim can be set free of sin and unbelief is to hear the Gospel and respond. At least let them hear!

Years ago I was with an older Christian, an itinerant evangelist, doing 1-2-1 evangelism on a downtown street. At the end of the day my friend suggested that even if nobody we talked to were to get saved, that perhaps we had at least prevented a wife-beating or some other crime . . . because we were conveying God’s law and the Gospel, and we were seeing some measure of consideration or even conviction in those who listened.

If Christians are everywhere bold in their witness, the culture will ‘feel it,’ regardless of the number of conversions. In the ‘war on terror,’ the only TRUE way to shame those who support murder and oppression is to confront the heart, mind, and conscience with righteousness so that the Holy Spirit can bring conviction (John 16:7-8). Confronting the devout Muslim with secular humanism will only fuel his fire. Can an American challenge the Muslim’s views on women’s rights while, at the same time, Western women are stripped bare and presented as sex objects? (Watch any TV? Seen a movie lately? Read any magazines?)

I’ve talked with a lot of Muslims in America – including those visiting from overseas and those who enjoy American citizenship. I can report that they are not impressed by ‘Western values.’

Consider what could be done within the borders of the U.S. What if a mere one million American Christians determined to distribute just 1,000 tracts (less than 3 per day) in the next year and share the Gospel verbally with several people, perhaps just five, each week. In a year a billion tracts would be distributed and the Gospel would confront 250 million people. Yes, there would be much overlap. Many lost people would be confronted multiple times. That’s a very good thing! The ‘culture’ would FEEL something very different. Many would say . . . even complain . . . that Christians were ‘getting in their face’ regularly.

There would be news stories and editorials debating whether the boldness of Christians was a good thing or whether it should be stopped . . . perhaps by law! The issue would be ‘on the table’ for examination. The ideological battle line would be drawn.

I have shared TRUTH with individuals who have recently been confronted by others, or have some Christian in their lives pestering them about their lost condition. When they tell me this, it’s usually accompanied by some comment like, “I think God is trying to tell me something.” Yet such experiences are rare because there are so few Christians who open their mouths!

Would the U.S. government embrace a strategy of proclaiming the Gospel as an ideological weapon against Islam? Of course not. Western governments insist repeatedly that “we are NOT at war against Islam.” And they also insist that terrorist incidents, both small and large scale (like war), are not related to genuine Islam. Thus governments won’t even admit to the existence of an elephant that’s been stomping ‘on the table’ for 1400 years. Furthermore, the leaders of Western governments despise the Gospel.

What if Christians did get busy? Would Muslims get saved? Some would. Many do in the Middle East in the midst of lethal persecution. Part of the cause of my own salvation, which is consistent with the testimonies of many others, is that some Christians camped on my trail and wouldn’t leave me alone. Thank God.

What if hardly anyone responds with repentance and faith? Well, even ONE would be worth any effort you can possibly expend. Also, the pervasive proclamation of Biblical truth will help people, as mentioned above. Sin will hide a bit more, like it used to, rather than strut boldly down the street.

Really, is there any hope for this world, or its individual residents, other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If you’re a Christian, I don’t need to belabor this point. If you’re not, you’re one heartbeat away from Hell. (See my free e-book on this subject, written just for you, which you can download from the e-book store on this site.)

Earlier, I promised to solve a mystery for you. Why don’t American feminists fight like crazy for the emancipation of women in the Muslim world? There is only one answer that makes sense. Western liberals are on the ‘same team’ as Middle Eastern oppressors. There are only two distinct ‘teams’ in this world, after all. See John 8:43-47 and Luke 11:23. This principle also explains a lot of other ‘mysteries’ in the world today . . . but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Are one million American Christians going to get busy? No. If they did, the effects would quickly permeate American culture and ‘spill over’ the rest of the world. The effect on American culture alone would be fascinating. There would be lots of discussion, even from the left, about ‘those obnoxious Christians’ that are seen everywhere trying to ram Scripture down their throats. Yeah, payback would be satisfying (I mean driving the adversary a little nuts), even apart from the pure motive of doing the Great Commission to give everyone a chance.

But hey . . . YOU could bother a few people this week. Give a bank teller a tract. Leave tracts in the restroom at Burger King or Chipotle. Talk to someone taking a smoking break outside their work place. Ask your neighbor if he’s figured out what life is all about. After he answers, tell him the TRUTH. Easy as pie. Make your days count. Give someone a chance.


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