Two Comings Redux


Tom Bigbee and I have been crunching numbers, sifting through history, looking through the prophets, etc.  Since June 20th has come and gone, I'm forced to revisit my conclusions AND correct an error (noted in red below).  Tom wrote:  One Messiah and Two Comings and I referenced it as homework last April.

This is not to make you excessively giddy or anything, but if it's not this year, his model is fatally flawed.   However, if the Lord gave us a pattern and Tom has discerned it, then we MUST experience the harpazo this year.

We know our God is the "God-of-the-Almost-Late" in that it appears that throughout history, He has intervened at the last possible moment.   When the very last grain of sand in the hourglass has begun its descent; when it's still in the air, THEN God acts.

You can review the link above to get up to speed with Tom's conjecture.   One key point is that Jerusalem is "restored" in a moment in time.   We think of "restoring" a classic car, and the process could take years.   But "restoring" Jerusalem does not mean fixing it up, cleaning the streets, painting the buildings, etc.   It simply means restoring it to its rightful owner.   That appears to have happened on June 7th, 1967.  The Jews saw Iyyar 28 on their calendar.


The Jews added Adar II to the previous year.   What if they should not have?   What if the barley was, in fact, aviv and Nisan 1 should have fallen on or about March 11th instead of April 11th?   That would mean that the true restoring of Jerusalem took place on or about Sivan 27.

Sivan 27 this year is July 3rd (NOTE: I previously and erroneously said it was June 21st) — twelve days after the first full day of summer.  The summer solstice was on Monday, June 20th at 6:34 PM EDT.   Obviously, the rapture did not take place.

There are a number of prophetic patterns that suggest a "gathering of the Bride" in springtime.  Perhaps we'll review them next spring, if "next spring" there be.  There is, however, no Biblical reason to rule out the possibility of the harpazo in summer. 

If 49 years have been completed on Sivan 27, that does NOT necessarily mean the rapture must take place then, But I'm inclined to believe that if this model is correct, we will leave very shortly thereafter.

We shall see of course.   Feedback welcomed.

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