The Roger Sherman Society Cashflow®  Club


Our mission is to provide a stress-free venue where interested people can learn
and apply sound financial principles in order to become financially secure.


Greetings to All --

CRASH!!  Yeah, that was me, losing my hard drive and my entire distribution list.  So long story short --> if you want to be notified of future Cashflow games, please email me at Roger Sherman Society dot com and sign up again.

Those of you who are between jobs, looking for jobs, re-defining your jobs, etc. and want some strategic guidance, please visit my new page at Transition Coaching For All.  Let me know what you think.

I just want to reiterate to those of you who are participating in Cashflow events, and especially those of you (participants or not) who are building businesses and learning to invest, that you are the LEADERS in the 21st century American economy.  The 20th century model based on being an 'employee' and being a designer or manufacturer of goods and support services is going away.  A 'safe, secure job with benefits' is harder and harder to find.  It's been said that a 'recession' is when your neighbor loses his job, and a 'depression' is when you lose yours.  I commend you for being far-sighted enough to build a lifeboat before you need one.  Unfortunately, many of our friends still don't 'get it' and will be caught by surprise when a new wave of downsizing ripples through the economy.



Real Estate Investment Opportunity - Are you interested in forming a partnership of some sort to invest in real estate?  If so, and if you have at least $5000 to invest, please contact Joe Guarascio at (919) 475-4438 or email .




BECOME A 'GO-TO GUY' - We all have our hobbies, interests, and areas of expertise.  With 50 members (and counting), we obviously can't know each other's fortÚs as well as we'd like.  So I am willing to construct a little web directory for those of you who want to participate.  You may include contact information, pictures, info on your small- or home-based business, hobbies, interests, website URL ... stuff like that.

Who wouldn't want to get out of the rat race,
if it means winning a handsome trophy like this ....


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