Dallas County officials spar over 'black hole' comment

Proud to be Stupid?

Larken Rose

The modern "black leaders," and their white "helpers," have achieved a level of destruction of black society that even open slavery failed to achieve.  [Ragnar Danneskjold]

Larken Rose

July 10, 2008 - As you may have heard by now, at some meeting about traffic tickets, some bureaucrat commented that it was like the tickets were disappearing into a "black hole."  Well, a moron with no grip on reality took offense at that.  Why?  Because he decided it was a racist comment.  And it made national news.

So are black people thin-skinned idiots?

Based upon those who pretend to be fighting for the interests of black people, that's a good question.  If Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and all the other poverty pimps really do represent the black race, then most black people ARE stupid, and are also thin- skinned wimps.  In fact, the most offensive thing you could possibly say about black people is that they are accurately represented by jackasses like the buffoon who got offended at the term "black hole."  (Coming in in second place would have to be the other moron who, a while back, was offended at someone using the term "niggardly"  --  another term having NOTHING to do with race.)  Is this the type of greatness that blacks are supposed to have "pride" in?  Why is it not okay to respond to such whining with, "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!"?  Might the National Association for the Advancement of Idiots be offended?

Black is a color  --  or rather, a lack of color.  It is the absence of light.  If, for example, someone has such a skin pigment that little light is reflected, and most is absorbed, it can appear almost black.  As it happens, a lack of light also often has negative connotations, and that was true since long before any white people ever met any black people.  The saying "This is a dark day in history" did not mean "This is a negro day."  And "This will be a black mark on your record," didn't mean "This will be a negro mark on your record."  Maybe I should go sue someone who uses the term "white noise" to mean irritating static on TV, or "whitewash" meaning to cover up something nasty.

But what's worth learning here is not that some people are stupid.  You all knew that, and stupidity afflicts people of all races, creeds, and religions.  What's worth noting here is how easily the peasants, of all colors, can be trained like stupid dogs to think and feel whatever the masters want them to think and feel.  The masses "care" about whatever they're TOLD to care about (e.g., racism, global warming, AIDS, homelessness), whether it's real, exaggerated, or completely fabricated.  Meanwhile, what people should care about  --  what constitutes by far the biggest threat to ALL races and creeds  --  "GOVERNMENT," is ignored by most people.  In fact, those who get robbed and controlled on a daily basis by the authoritarian machine will accuse YOU of being some paranoid conspiracy freak if you suggest that their own "government" is what they should be scared of.

Ironically, I think there really ARE efforts to keep "the black man" subservient and enslaved  --  such as the prison industry, the "war on drugs," and the welfare state.  (Actually, there are efforts to keep EVERYONE enslaved, but some target certain demographic categories.)  But it's not by some big club of all the white people.  At least, no one ever invited me to their secret meetings.  Instead, it is by those who crave dominion over others  --  and they come in all colors.  On the list are people like Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, etc.  Do you think those people WANT blacks to be free, independent, happy and successful?  Of course not.  Where would the race hustlers be without something racial to whine about?  As usual, those who pretend to be "saviors" want nothing other than DOMINION over those they pretend to care about.  And so they train their target victims to be overly-sensitive, to an insane degree, about whatever "injustice" they say they will fight against, if given the POWER to do so.

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For example, even if you take it out of the realm of purely imagined "racism," like the "black hole" comment, and move it into intentional, overt, malicious racism  --  such as "Hey, you stupid nigger!"  --  it's still just name-calling.  Sure, it's not nice, but aren't five-year-olds taught to be strong enough to ignore such silliness?  Ever heard of "sticks and stones"?  Well, no more.  Now, if you get offended for any reason  --  even if it's just because YOU are an ignoramus  --  some "action" must be taken!  And there will be a line of scumbags a mile long just waiting to exploit your spinelessness for their own benefit.

I complain about injustice too, of course, but notice that my solution is always FREEDOM, not me being given power.  In fact, if I ever run for office, and claim that I can make things right by some new legislation or by some government "program," please do me the favor of shooting me in the head.  I want for all people  --  black, white, green  --  what NO politicians wants now, or has ever wanted:  SELF-OWNERSHIP, in mind and body.  And someone who gets offended at the scientific term "black hole" is about as far from having a free mind as you can get.

What would the world be like without the "divide and conquer" crowd trying to make everyone whiny and offended, and demanding more and more free stuff and special treatment?  Try asking all the other types of people who have done just fine in this country, and around the world, WITHOUT so-called "advocates" demanding goodies and special treatment for them.  For example, could it be that the reason people of Chinese ancestry do so well in this country is because there aren't, as far as I know, "Chinese leaders" training them to be constantly offended, whiny beggars and brats.  Even when they were widely despised and mistreated, they managed to hang onto some self pride.  And they do so today, even when Whitey continues to refer to his dishes and plates as "China."  (Are any Asian folk out there offended by that?)


(P.S. If you find the term "blacks" insulting, feel free to do a "find and replace" of that term in this article, and replace it with any term you like.  As for me, I don't intend to change my vocabulary every week because the professional whiners keep deciding that the terms they invented  --  "blacks," "negroes," "colored," etc.  --  are now racist and insensitive.)

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