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The Abilene Paradox by Jerry B. Harvey

Accessibility by Miles J. Stanford

Accusation by Miles J. Stanford

The 'Achilles Heel' of Libertarianism by Steve Coerper

Affliction's Effect by Miles J. Stanford

All Glory to God by Miles J. Stanford

America - From Freedom To Fascism by Steve Coerper

Anakypto Afterthoughts - (

And Still Our Heart Is Hardened by Alan Keyes

Another, Altogether by Miles J. Stanford

The Apostles Were Laymen by Philip Lancaster

Are You Really a Christian? by Kyle Ford

Are You Truly a Christian? by Richard Hollerman

Are You Unsettled? by Colin Wilson

An Argument From Gratitude by Douglas Wilson

Ask Jesus Into Your Heart? by Andrew Strom



Baptism Controversy by Andrew Strom

"Be Ye Ready" Is No Joking Matter by David Wilkerson

Beloved Enemy by Miles J. Stanford

Beware of Covetousness by Roger Hertzler

Biblical Brave Hearted Manhood by Rusty Thomas

Biblical Guidelines for Social Media by Rusty Thomas

Bottom Line on the Rapture Question by F.M. Riley

The Bridge by Steve Coerper



Caiaphas Moment? by Steve Coerper

Call for Reformation in the Contemporary Christian Music Industry by Steven John Camp

Call To Anguish (video) by David Wilkerson

Call to Forsake All by Michael Carl

Calvinism, Free Will, & OSAS by Tom Bigbee

Can Scientists Think? by Fred Reed

The Case for Silver by James Grant

Caveat Against Injustice by Roger Sherman

Charles Atlas by Jerry Cowle

Charles Roman by Steve Coerper

Church as a Force by Jerry Cook

Church Practice and God's Eternal Purpose by Frank Viola

Cinderella, Are You Ready? by F.M. Riley

Collected Support For the Revelation 12 Sign by Dr. Al Rekers

Current Public Health Crisis a video compilation



Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution by Fred Reed

Deadly Virus of Celebrity Christianity by J. Lee Grady

Defending the Defenseless by Paul J. Hill

Demystifying Hearing the Lord’s Voice by Frank Viola

Did September's Great Convergence Fizzle? by David Reagan

Discipleship Question by Steve Coerper

Disclosing the Divine Story by Frank Viola

Does God Enjoy You? by Wayne Jacobsen

Does God Really Laugh at the Wicked? by Dan Delzell



Early Church Never Celebrated Christmas by Brian D. Blacker

Eating From the Wrong Tree by Frank Viola

Ecclesiastical Court Document by Rusty Lee Thomas

Eclipses and Our Privileged Planet by Eric Metaxas

80/70 Phenomenon by Mark Crutcher

Epic Event by Steve Coerper

Exchange of Values by Roger Hertzler

Explosion of House Churches by Dr. David Stone



Faith by Kenneth Schortgen

False Prophet by Art Katz

False Prophets by F.M. Riley

Fides vs. Pistis by Kenneth Schortgen

Fifth Baptism is Ready! by F.M. Riley

Fight the Fight (music video) by Voices For The Unborn

Five Vows For Spiritual Strength by A.W. Tozer

The Final Fortnight by Steve Coerper

The Final Fulfillment of Pentecost by Steve Coerper

Find The Human Moment In Every Transaction by Mark H. McCormack

Five Signs That Show You Lack Spiritual Maturity by Carey Nieuwhof

Follow the Man With the Water Jar by Christine Beadsworth

Forgiven To Be Filled by Bob George

Forsaking All by A.W. Tozer

Four Lessons From Jonah by Tom Bigbee

Free from the Yoke of Slavery by Bob George

Free Press? Hardly by Larken Rose



Gifts That Change Lives by Dr. Al-Henk Rekers

Give the Gift of Radical Extremism by Larken Rose

God, the Devil, and Legal Tender by Rousas John Rushdoony

God's Offer of Reprieve by Steve Coerper

The Godfather by Steve Coerper

Gold: A Rediscovered Investment by Charles E. Carlson

A Great Black Man by Larken Rose

The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy by George Davis, Michael Clark, & Kirk Pearson

The Greatest Event in the Bible by Geoffrey Grider

The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today by Francis Chan



Hating Holiness by Paul Proctor

Having Faith in the Gospel by Jerry Cook

The Heavenly Divine Council by Bryan T. Huie

The Heavens by F.M. Riley

His Commitment To Us by Eugenia Price

Historical Evidence For the Resurrection by Matt Perman

Homework - final "Homework" page

How Close Are You To Jesus? by C.S. Lovett

How Do You Know If You Are a Disciple? by Keith Phillips

How George Müller Started His Day by George Müller

How Great Is Our God (video) by Louie Giglio

How To Fight the War on Terror Dr. David Stone

How To Find Your Mission in Life by Richard Nelson Bolles

How To Prepare For the End of the World by Steve Coerper

How To Receive the Revival We Need by Michael Carl

How to Transition from Small Talk to Spiritual Talk by Paul Lanhart

How Will the World End? by C.S. Lovett

Humility Properly Defined by Douglas Wilson



I'm Better Than You by Larken Rose

Ideas and Action by Herbert Schlossberg

Identical Tyrant Twins by Larken Rose

Idolatry is the Issue by Kyle Idleman

Indivisible by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

I’ve Figured Out What My Problem Is by Dr. David Stone

Isaiah: The Salvation of the Lord by Ray C. Stedman

Is It Really Revival? by Bryan Hupperts

Is My Mother In Hell? by Frank Turek

Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine? by Michael Snyder

It's About Trust by Kenneth Schortgen



Jannes and Jambres in the Pulpit by Jack F. Landers

Jesus In Your Flesh by José Bosque



Key Dates in Daniel's 70th Week by Steve Coerper




The Lament of Israel by F.M. Riley

The Last Great Day by David King

The Last Trump is Blown on Shemini Atzeret by Mike Pine

Last Week of the Spiritual Year by Jean Stepnoski

The Lie of Tithing by "Just a Christian"

Life's Most Important Question by Frank Turek

Little Red Wagon by Steve Coerper

Location of the Temple of God in Israel by F.M. Riley

Looking at the Past To Discern the Future by F.M. Riley

Luke Warm & Loving It (video) by Francis Chan



Meekness by Jerry Cook

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism - The New American Religion by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

More on the "Sign of the Son" by Steve Coerper



Nature of Money by Sylvester H. Cain, Ph.D

New Age of Miracles by Tim Stafford

New American Religion by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

New Wine for New Wineskins by Art Mealer

New Wine Season for Israel by Jean Stepnoski

Nine Disqualifications of Discipleship by John Perissos

No Business Doubting Haven Quartet - music and lyrics

No Distinction by Hutch

No Revival Without Repentance by Terry Somerville

None Righteous by R.C. Sproul

Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman



Obama-Mania by Larken Rose

On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs by Dave Grossman

One Hundred Seven Theses by Steven John Camp

The One Less Traveled By by Steve Coerper

One Messiah and Two Comings by Tom Bigbee

The Open Door by F.M. Riley



Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola

The Palestine Myth by David Reagan

Perhaps for your benefit, more than mine by Kathleen

The Philosophy of Liberty by Larken Rose

Planning For Retirement? by C.S. Lovett

The Practical Power of New Identity by Bob George

Prayer of Praise by C.S. Lewis

Preparing For Christ’s Return by Jim Harman

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture by F.M. Riley

Prophetic Rejuvenation by A.W. Tozer





Reimagining Church by Frank Viola

Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History? by Howard Morgan

Revelation 19 and the Ten Virgins by Jeff Wade

Rich? Or Rich Fool?? by Steve Coerper

Rise Up, My Love by Miles J. Stanford

Russia On the Move by Brian Roberts

Russian Czar Rising by Brian Roberts



Seven Good Years by F.M. Riley

Seven Steps When Facing a Trial by C.S. Lovett

The Sign of the Son by Steve Coerper

Significance of Repentance by David Platt

So Which Is It? by Tom Bigbee — A close look at Luke 21:36

So You Want To Start A House Church? by Frank Viola

Song of Songs by Michael S. Cole

The Sopranos by Joseph Sobran

The Story of Kirsten by Barbara Wilson

Surrender and Renewal by Bob George



Ten Prayers for the Believer’s Prayer List by Jeremiah Jameson – with Mondo Frazier

There Is No Second Chance by C.S. Lovett

They Shall Not Escape by Justin Alfred

Thoughts on "False Prophet" by Steve Coerper

The Three R's of Prophecy by Steve Coerper

Tidal Wave of Christianity by CBN

Twenty-Three Minutes in Hell (video) by Bill Wiese

Two Comings Redux by Steve Coerper

The Two Witnesses of Revelation by Peter Goodgame





A Vanishing God by Frank Viola



Wash and Be Clean by Dr. Derek Browning

Way Upside Down by Art Mealer

We Are Not Entitled to the World’s Respect by David Mathis

What Changed Wilkerson? from Kairos Journal

What Do You Want To See Happen About Abortion? by Charles Wysong

What Is a Revival? by Charles H. Spurgeon

What is the Unpardonable Sin? by C.S. Lovett

What Should Every American Know About Money? (links to 20 resources)

What Will You Do in Heaven? by C.S. Lovett

What Would Jeremiah Do? by Samuel Goldman

When God Is Silent by Ron Edmondson

When Is Shabuot - The Annual Debate by Tom Bigbee

When the Oil Flows by Ragna Von Porat

White Horse Rider is Ready to Ride by F.M. Riley

Why Blacks Tend To Support Gun Control by Larry Pratt

Why Do Demons Hate Baptism? by Andrew Strom

Why Does God Permit Evil? by Steve Coerper

Why I Left the Contemporary Worship Movement by Steve Coerper — Response to a book and presentation by Dan Lucarini.

Why I No Longer Attend Church by Steve Coerper

The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History by Thayer Watkins

Wounded Lover by Philip Yancey





The Year of Our Lord by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

You Cannot Burn a Pearl by F.M. Riley

You Might Not Finish This ... by Francis Chan

























































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