Jean Stepnoski (24 Mar 2014)
"The Last Week of the Spiritual Year for Israel, 22 to 29 Adar II, To 3-31-2014"


The Spiritual Year for Israel goes from Nisan 1 to the last day of Adar 30. Some years, there is an additional month 13 called Adar II. In 2014 there is an Adar II which will conclude the year on the Hillel Calendar, on 3-31-2014 concluding 29 Adar II. The Spiritual New Year for Israel begins on Nisan 1 at 3-31 at sundown to 4-1 at sundown.
In days of old, during the lives of Moses and Aaron, there was an especially significant month of Adar. This was when the portable sanctuary/tabernacle called the Mishkan was designed and implemented. By Nisan 1, it had to be complete, ready for sacrifices, offerings, and worship. In those 7 days of vital transition, from Adar 24 to 30, Moses taught Aaron how to be the first High Priest (Cohen ha Gadol) and the sons of Aaron were taught by Moses how to be the first Priests. So the Mishkan, the High Priest, and the Priestly Class of the Levites were all complete by day 8 on Nisan 1. The number 8 is a premiere Noah number.
Will the Age of Grace, the Age of Ecclesia, the Church Age, conclude the bringing in of "the fullness of the Gentiles" by Nisan 1 in 2014? Will The Blessed Hope be on or before Nisan 1? After The Blessed Hope, much of the hour of trial, the 70th Week of Daniel will concern the House of Israel of land and of people, and Jerusalem.
Nisan 1 was the momentous date when the Mishkan was "raised up" and the Divine Presence began to indwell that Temple. Might we be called up, "raised up", to join the Divine Presence of Christ appearing like "the Ancient of Days" of the Book of Daniel very soon? Might the Last Week of the Spiritual Year for Israel, the week of 22 to 29 Adar II, conclude the Age of Grace and transition into the hour of trial for all the remaining "earth dwellers" as they are called in The Book of Revelation?
The date of 3-28-2014 will be the ominous Ides of March according to the Julian Calendar, a very Roman and Roman Empire themes day. Also, it will be a Golden Ratio Watch Date according to William Frederick. A Tuesday, it will be day 3 of the Scriptural Week. Three going to four is the midst of the Menorah associated with Messiah/Christ as the Servant Lamp. Only 3 days remain before the Last Day of 29 Adar II. The new movie "Noah" will be released on this day. Symbolically speaking, we will be again in "the days of Noah" from 28 to 31 Adar II and later!
Might the Bride/Body of Christ, The Temple of "living and lively stones" be "raised up"  in glory on or before Nisan 1, from sunset on 3-31 to sunset on 4-1-2014? We shall see.
With Love and Shalom,