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Volume 1 - Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 1997)

I Am a Freeman, Or The Martyr Division

Family Circle
Wrongly Dividing the World of God

Hell Cools Down, Or How the Church of England Filled the Great Divide

Culture Matters


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by R.C. Sproul Jr.

There are two kinds of people in this world, it has been said, those that divide people into two groups, and those that don't.  I'm in the former group, as you can tell.  About 140 years ago there were also two types of people, those that thought our nation could legally be divided (these are the good guys), and those who believed it could not.  These two groups of people began shooting at one another in 1861, and didn't stop until 1865.  The latter group, the one that lost the argument but won the fight, eventually came up with a plan to make sure that no one remained in the former group.  They invented an oath, and got all the children in government schools to swear that oath.  That oath, which is still with us, contains several lies.  It claims our country is a republic.  It claims our country provides liberty and justice for all.  And it claims that the country is "indivisible." That means not only that it may not legally be divided, but that it is not able to be divided.

So what stops it from being divisible?  What is this amazing glue which cannot be broken?  Has the melting pot cooled into a diamond-hard monolith?  Is it because rocks beat scissors?  The claim is nothing more than macho posturing.  It is the state declaring itself to be to indestructible.  It is the American equivalent of Marx's claim that history moves inexorably toward Marxist utopia.  It is Uncle Sam claiming to be sovereign over not just the nations, but everything.  It is a subtle claim of immortality, and thus of deity.  The pledge is the deity's creed, recited daily at the state synagogues we call "public schools."

But wait.  Does not the pledge specifically recognize a god above the state?  Are we not one nation "under god?"  What god are we under?  You know and I know, but what god do they recognize?  What god is it that the pledge suggests the state is under?  A nameless, faceless, speechless, lawless deity is no deity at all.  With no substance to fill the word "god" it might just as well say we are one nation under girs$nagle% z.

The church must refuse to recognize either a nameless deity which rules over the state, or a deity called "The United States of America."  A division is coming.  And those who bow the knee to Baal, whatever name he goes by, will be divided off and sent not to an indivisible state, but an unquenchable fire.  And those who call upon the name of Jesus will be His Bride, indivisibly.