Key Dates in Daniel's 70th Week


"Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city …" — Danieli9:24

Friday, April 20th was Iyyar 5 on the Hebrew calendar, and was 70 years from the founding of the modern State of Israel.  We're still here and the covenant apparently remains unconfirmed, so I am crunching the numbers based on the assumption that the LORD might confirm His covenant with Israel on this upcoming Shavuot, which falls on Sunday, May 20th.  This places the anniversary of the fourth fast on Day #1305, which is the end of the last diaspora.

"Tradition" has the Ascension on the Thursday ten days before Pentecost.  This is based on the statement by Luke in Acts 1:3 and is questionable for purely mathematical reasons.  The first day on which Jesus "presented Himself alive after His suffering" to His disciples was NOT Day #1 of the Omer count to Shavuot.  The Omer count began on the day after the weekly Sabbath following Passover (see Lev. 23:15-16).  The disciples first saw Him Sunday night; since it was after the sun set, it was technically the second day of the Hebrew week, and the second day of the Omer count.  It was at that point that He began speaking to them "of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God."

If the 40 days was literal — neither symbolic nor approximate — then the 40 days would have run to the 6th day of the 6th week after the Resurrection, and the Ascension would have been on following day, which was the Sabbath day 8 days before Pentecost.  A rapture on that day would match the pattern in Genesis 7:10.  We don't know, and we can't know … we can only pretend to know.  We'll find out for sure when the day arrives.  It's probably not all that important.

While we're waiting, you might want to read Rapture: TBD? by Greg Lauer.  He makes the point that God is not "moving" or "adjusting" the time of the rapture, nor is He delaying or tarrying.  Also, our friend Daniel Matson has a few of his own reasons for believing this upcoming Pentecost will be significant:  Understanding the Time–-Pentecost.

Just to be clear:  I am NOT "setting a date."  What follows is simply the timeline if the original conjecture is correct.  And it's a conjecture, NOT an assertion.


Gregorian dateHebrew dateRemarks
-9 10 May 2018 Iyyar 25 Traditional "Ascension Thursday"
Possible rapture date
-7 12 May 2018 Iyyar 27 More likely "Ascension Saturday"
Possible rapture date (NOTEANY date before the confirmation of the covenant is a perfectly reasonable date for the rapture.)
-4 15 May 2018 Iyyar 29 "Nakba Day" - Muslims plan "Million Man March" to Jerusalem; possible fulfillment of Joel 1:4-7
(NOTE:  This is the day before the beginning of Ramadan.)
1 20 May 2018 Sivan 6 Pentecost or Shavuot
The confirmation of the Covenant (Daniel 9:27)
Two witnesses begin public ministry (Rev. 11:3)
45 3 July 2018 Tammuz 20 "The daily" is taken away (Acts 2:46-47)
Abomination of Desolation set up; beginning of 1,290-day count to final victory (Daniel 12:11)
Beginning of 1,260-day final diaspora. (Rev. 12:6)(Zech. 14:2)
46 - 1259 The Beast System controls the world from Jerusalem
1260 30 Oct 2021 Cheshvan 24 Death of the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:7)
Day before Halloween
1264 3 Nov 2021 Cheshvan 27 Resurrection of the Two Witnesses and major earthquake (Rev. 11:12-13)
Possible fulfillment of Zechariah 14:4
Possible "end to sacrifice and offering …" (Daniel 9:27)
1305 14 Dec 2021 Tevet 10 End of 1,260-day final diaspora.
Asarah B'Tevet - fast day commemorating the fall of Jerusalem (2 Kings 25:1-2).
1335 13 Jan 2022 Shebat 11 "Blessed is he who … comes to the 1,335th day" (Daniel 12:12)
2152 9 Apr 2024 Nisan 1 Cleansing of the Sanctuary (Ezekiel 45:18)
2412 25 Dec 2024 Kislev 24 First day of Hanukkah - "Dedication"
Anointing of the "Most Holy" (Ezekiel 41:4, Ezekiel 45:3) (Daniel 9:24)
2520 12 Apr 2025 Nisan 14 Passover
End of 84th month
2550 12 May 2025 Iyyar 14 End of Daniel's final heptad by month count
2570 1 Jun 2025 Sivan 5 End of Daniel's final heptad by calendar reckoning


The conversion of the four fasts of the Jews from days of grief and mourning to days of joy and gladness is prophesied in Zechariah 8:19.  Obviously, there are many ways this particular prophecy can be fulfilled, and we will only know in retrospect how it will be done.

Daniel's final seven years is not all "tribulation" - nor is it 3½ years of "tribulation" followed by 3½ years of "great tribulation."  We know from Rev. 13:5 that "the beast" only has authority for 42 months.  That's 3½ years.  Since this is right after the rapture (Rev. 12:12) it would certainly be reasonable to ask, "if the beast is only in power for 42 months, who takes over after that?"

My conjecture is that the Abomination of Desolation is put in place at the beginning of Daniel's final week.  It seems logical that if Satan falls from heaven at the time of the rapture (Rev. 12:1-9), and he has "great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time" (Rev. 12:12), there would be no reason to delay setting up the Abomination for 42 months, which would be the middle of the "week" and the time his authority expires (Rev 13:5).

The "woman" (most probably true Israel) flees to the wilderness (many suggest either Petra or Bozrah) while the planet experiences 3½ years of pervasive and escalating misery (the trumpet and bowl judgments).  The earthquake at the time of the resurrection of the two witnesses after their 1,260-day ministry (Rev. 11:13) is quite possibly the same as the earthquake in Zechariah 14:4.  When Jesus subsequently reclaims Jerusalem, the beast and his crowd are forced out.  Jesus then puts an end to the "Beast worship system" - sacrifice and offering - while His enemies flee north to take their final stand at Armageddon, where they are destroyed (thank God!!) by the brightness of His coming.  That day is the 1,335th day in Daniel 12:12.

We need to be careful with Daniel's use of numbers in making a distinction between a span of days with an identified beginning or end, and a specific day identified by a number.  Specifically, Daniel 12:12 speaks of the 1,335th day.  Popular eschatology, probably beginning with either Walvoord or Lindsey, arbitrarily chooses the middle of the final seven years as a reference point for the beginning of a 1,335-day period.  This is simply not warranted; they made this up to support a model.  There is no compelling reason for seeing this day, and the beginning of blessing, as any day other than the 1,335th day from Day #1, rather than counting 1,335 days from Day #1260.  If Lindsey were correct, then this final day of blessing would be Day #2595, which is 45 days after the end of Daniel's final "week" by month count, and 25 days after the final "week" if it's according to the calendar.



NOTES:  All dates are local in Jerusalem; Gregorian dates are 24 hours beginning at midnight following the proper Hebrew date change which occurs at sunset.  Jerusalem time is GMT +3 — Eastern Daylight Savings time is GMT -4.

In Daniel 12:7 the phrase "power of the holy people has been completely shattered" (NKJV) seems to be a rather poor rendering.  The NET version — "the power of the one who shatters the holy people has been exhausted" — may be closer to the intended meaning.  The Septuagint simply says "when the dispersion is ended."  That will be after 3½ "times."

A 1,290 day count begins on July 3rd when two apparently related events occur:  the Abomination of Desolation is set up in Jerusalem, and "the daily" is taken away.  This period must begin on Day #45 because it ends on Day #1,335.  The Septuagint says the "perpetual sacrifice" is removed.  Since the spiritual blindness of the Jews has been removed by this time, it's likely they see the Abomination and leave for (or are driven to) "the wilderness" (Revelation 12:6).

Translators commonly provide the word "sacrifice" in Daniel 12:11, possibly consistent with either Hebrew idiom or Rabbinical tradition.  However, the "daily" in view might not be Temple sacrifices at all.  The "daily" activities of Messianic Jews could be in view here, as described in Acts 2:40-47.  Clearly, if Temple services and sacrifices are involved in the correct understanding of this text, we can't anticipate any of these events until some sort of sacrificial system is in place.  Barring a miracle, this won't happen before this upcoming Pentecost.

It is because of the seven years of weapons-burning (Ezekiel 39:9) that the Magog invasion is believed to occur early in the 70th week.


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