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Hi Everyone,
Well, this should not really be a surprise to anyone.  Many of us, myself included, have said from the beginning that his marriage to Michelle was as made up as his birth certificate, education, law degree, and sexual preference. In fact, a few weeks ago someone asked me if the peace in Syria would stick and I said it had as much chance sticking as Obama being heterosexual. The last link at the bottom is part of a testimonial by Larry Sinclair claiming to have sex with Obama while he was a Senator.
We have been prepped for this over time, but even more so in the last few weeks.First, Van Jones says, "Obama Wouldn't Lose Black Vote Even If He 'Came Out As Gay'". Less than two weeks later Biden made public comments that supposedly forced Obama on making a public statement about where he stood on same-sex marriage. Then Biden apologizes like it was some sort of gaffe.Then Obama makes a public statement saying he was in favor of same-sex marriage. Within two (2) days he had LGBT product on his web page.Not orchestrated? By the way, if the title to the story in NewsWeek is false they have opened themselves up to a libel lawsuit. If it is true, how does that play into him being a Muslim?
So why come out now?It could be seen as a desperate move to grab votes in what is a catastrophic campaign.But I suggest something else is going on.I think this is part of the overall strategy to create discord among the American public. We are at the divide and conquer stage of the illuminati plans for the Former United States (FUS). Something is coming. Non-religious people feel it just as much (if not more, sadly) than religious people. There is an undefinable tension on the planet like a rubber band at its breaking point.
In the words of Ruth Graham (wife of Billy Graham), "If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!" In other words, it is time for the period of Grace to end so the world can go back under the Law and be judged accordingly.If you find one day soon that several million people have disappeared from the face of the earth and you are still here, just remember, it was completely by your choice.
"My two dads support Obama" Onesie
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