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Subject: We have hidden the Key of Knowledge

We don't like to be compared to the Pharisees that were the ruling order of religion in the time that Jesus was ministering on earth. In fact it is very easy for us to be self righteous and make statements like, how could they have been so blind to the fact that He was the Messiah, or how could they have put Him to death? But, when I look at this matter with an open heart, I clearly see that not only are we just as bad as they were, but we are arguably worse, since we have far more knowledge, as well as the Holy Spirit to guide us through this walk we are on.

I'm at a point in my journey that I have found that I must lose my religion to follow Christ. I have to leave the modern church to find Jesus. For quite sometime I have been quite, not sending much out on the email list, not taking any speaking engagements and simply contemplating the role I have to play in Gods' Kingdom, simply just trying to be the best Darren I can be, which I might add is a full-time job. Ministering to the people in the street and at work one on one, trying to teach and above all live Grace. Living Grace doesn't happen easily in fact I find it hurts. More and more this has had me dealing with people who have been hurt by religion and feeling as though they were hurt by God which could not be farther from the truth.

The other camp of people that I am always in contact with are those who don't have a clue who Jesus really is or what His message really is. I'm not sure if the church of today really has a clue either,

Let's look at Luke 11:52 Woe unto you experts in the Law. You have taken away the key of knowledge! You didn't go in yourselves, and hindered those who were going in.

Have we hidden the key of knowledge by covering it with man made traditions? I think we have. Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life no man comes to the Father but through Him!!

We have become so blinded by religion that we will throw a drunk man out of the church and ask a stingy man to pray over the offering without ever thinking twice about it!

Luke 10:25 A expert in the Law asked Jesus what must I do to inherit eternal life and Jesus answered in verse 27 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,and with all your mind; and Love your neighbor as yourself. Verse 28 Jesus said you have answered correctly Do this and you will live. verse 29 But wanting to justify himself he asked Jesus who is my neighbor? Here is were religion trips us up: self justification. Jesus the Key to all knowledge. It is simple Love God with your whole being, all you are, and Love your nieghbor as yourself, religion says well just who is my nieghbor.

Guys I'm sad to say that its easier to find more love in bars than in a lot of our religious groups. Far easier to find fellowship with the homeless and and the throwaways in our society than in what we call church. We have become the ones that have hidden the Key of knowledge, the Gospel of Grace, but even worse we are not using it and even worse keeping ones trying to come into the Kingdom out.

You may think that this is an extreme statement, so let me give us a case in point. There is a local bar here that is always having fundraisers for people with cancer and people who have suffered great loss and truly out of a caring heart, the local religious institutions are always raising funds for themselves: building funds, youth funds, etc. This form of religion has no effect for the Kingdom, only for self justification.

The point I'm trying to make is that we have all the knowledge we could ever ask for, in fact we have the Key to all Knowledge but it is hidden away, covered by self justification and excuses. We need to return to the simple message of Jesus, the butt naked Gospel of Grace. I know a lot of the critics will slam this message but I really don't care We need to repent and begin living the Gospel.

It's not an easy walk, so how do I get started? Start with Loving God with all you are and Loving your neighbor as yourself. If we can get those 2 commands down, we can move onto something else. Maybe we can even change the world or even better, enter into the Kingdom of God!

I hope you guys will bare with me as I lose my religion to follow Jesus. I will share the journey faithfully to the ones that have an ear to hear.

One Love
One Faith
One Way

Darren Smith
Streetscape Ministries

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