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Subject: The Uncomfortableness of One Step at a Time

What Color Is Your Parachute? Imagine yourself out walking in your neighborhood one night, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by such a dense fog, that you have lost your bearings and cannot find your way.  Suddenly, a friend appears out of the fog, and asks you to put your hand in his, and he will lead you home.  And you, not being able to tell where you are going, trustingly follow him, even though you can only see one step at a time.  Eventually you arrive safely home, filled with gratitude.  But as you reflect upon the experience the next day, you realize how unsettling it was to have to keep walking when you could see only one step at a time, even though you had guidance in which you knew you could trust.
Now I have asked you to imagine all of this, because this is the essence of the second Mission to which you are called -- and I am called -- in this life.  It is all very different than we had imagined.  When the question, "What is your Mission in life?" is first broached, and we have put our hand in God's, as it were, we imagine that we will be taken up to some mountaintop, from which we can see far into the distance.  And that we will hear a voice in our ear, saying, "Look, look, see that distant city?  That is the goal of your Mission; that is where everything is leading, every step of your way."
But instead of the mountaintop, we find ourself in the valley -- wandering often in a fog.  And the voice in our ear says something quite different from what we thought we would hear.  It says, "Your Mission is to take one step at a time, even when you don't yet see where it all is leading, or what the Grand Plan is, or what your overall Mission in life is.  Trust Me; I will lead you."
-Richard Nelson Bolles
What Color Is Your Parachute? (Ten-Speed Press, 1994)

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