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From: Susan Bradley
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:46 PM
Subject: Agenda 66 for the recognition of Palestine
Agenda 66 for the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state is set for September 20 at UN in NYC.  We know the outcome as well as the spiritual/physical consequences for dividing both Israel and Jerusalem.  These events will unquestionably put both the UN, NYC and the US in the crosshairs for swift and decisive judgment.  This has been the recent (and ancient) historical pattern per Gen 12's blessing and curse.
The Canary Islands are evacuating an entire population near the Cumbre Vieja volcano.  Cumbre's release might be considered both an act of political war, but God still allows the trigger.  The establishment of Palestine will be just that, either way.  Both the US hq. of UN as well as the US would then cease to exist.  This fits with the timing of Elenin's pass by on the 26-28th, the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashana on the 28th, a new moon on the 27th, which is historically the time that Israel steps up significant military activity. Consequences to NYC, UN/Gaza/Palestinian, Manhattan in 'graphic' below. Curiously Mr 0 will be in Denver during this time.  NASA is also having a very large exhibit in Denver Sept.-Oct.
There are likely multiple trigger catalysts for Cumbre: purposeful warfare, multiple EM events, incl. Elenin, new moon, solar activity.  This would also allow the UN to relocate near the US Embassy in Iraq which is being prepared for this purpose: Luis Solana (Javier's brother) is fmr. communications director for EU, designed the Euro-China-Russia hub to intersect 55 mi. s. of Baghdad: current site of Embassy and fmr. site of ancient Babel. All fiber optic, beneath surface.  Their mother was a big fan of Alister Crowley in the same manner as Barb Bush.
Cairo meaning "Mars" and positioned as a war planet has been back in big news recently.  A Cumbre event on the East coast of US might create enough substantial upheaval to trigger New MADRID which begins in CAIR0, Il.  Cumbre's effect on western European coast would be similar, and would effectively block the Strait of Gibraltar (last western controlled strategic chokepoint) which would prohibit access to Med./ME from the west.  An eastern Atlantic tsunami could potentially take out the Suez flooding Egypt (perhaps that is why Egypt is not specifically in Gog/Magog?).  This could be true of Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria as well with political instability and geologic. Throw the Burden of Damascus into it and the entire mid-east goes up.
Russia's recent endorsement of Palestine would then allow for strategic military presence in the now anti-west/Israel Togarmah which we have been watching; Angela's Gomer is already on record for support of Russia for Ez. 38-39, and expected front-runner in the economic future of Europe
The BIG Nazi $$$ have been quietly increasing in the pre-War accounts around the very organized extra-political post war "POW" nations
Spain's Casa Real continues to be a quiet major leaguer, with the NAU accounts in US, very strong political and social associations with Jordan (Sophia attended Abdullah's nephew's wedding in July; KJCI met with Abbas in late July and recently visited Sp. troops in Lebanon).  Recall that heir apparent Felipe's first state visit was to the 'non'-state of Palestine this past summer, though billed as a state affair.  KJCI also made the mysterious trip to DC in Feb., 2011 for a quiet lunch in the private dining room at w/h.
Mix the Vatican, SMOM Knights and Greece in there, Italy looking to China and Hutchinson-Whampoa/Li/Panama in the America's and that just about wraps it up, doesn't it?  Oh, except for Official Disclosure and St. Malachy's Petros Romanos and soon the zombies (following pandemic)...forgot those for a sec.
Gaza's borders bear a striking resemblance to Manhattan, Babylon, UN.....on January 27, 2009, 144 hours into a new administration, BH Obama signed Presidential Determination No. 2009-15, the Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related to Gaza, a memorandum directing $20M in funds to be released for those Palestinians affected by the conflict for relocation outside the area of Gaza.
A contrast to the global obelisks.....