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"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads..."

I will post letters as they come in (or as soon as possible thereafter), so check back often.  I may do some light editing (it's a habit) but you are responsible for the content of your submission.  For links to audio streams or embedded videos, I reserve the right to link directly to the source.

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Christian Solidarity Worldwide NIGERIA: Over 100 Fatalities in Weekend Killing Spree
Douglas Hagmann Following the Bodies: “We Are at the Precipice of Something So Big, It Will Shake the Financial World”
DEBKAfile Obama’s Iran policy wins key point: Saudis drop its lead antagonist Prince Bandar
Steve Cioccolanti VIDEO: Is America 'Mystery Babylon'?
Tim Hammond Possible trigger for the 70 year generation *
Carl Worline The Animals Are Dying *
Maayana Miskin Iranian Revolutionary Guard Chief Warns Attack is 'Imminent'
Gerald Celente VIDEO: SGT Report - February 15, 2014
DEBKAfile Nuclear talks open with Iran and three unattainable US pledges to Israel re Fordo, Arak, enrichment
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